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    What is the name of this electronic component

    file:///Users/ruairimangan-cliff/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202014-04-23%20at%2017.06.29.png what is the name of this component? (Attached) is it a counter. i cant find the name of it. is there an exact name for this type of the component.
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    Engineering Circuit Diagram for lights in a building (Sound/Light Sensor + Delay)

    Homework Statement Need to design a system where the lamp (output) turns on when sound is heard and turns off after 10 seconds of no sound, but it must also be dark (light sensor). Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have put a Light Sensor (that is set to let current flow when...
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    How is Frequency related to Energy in a Wine Glass?

    is there an equation that relates frequency to energy on a larger scale, relating to standing waves.... what proves that as energy increases, so does frequency of a wave?
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    Why do all wine glass have four nodes (4th harmonic)?

    Why do all wine glass have four nodes (4th harmonic)?? Why do wine glass have four nodes.... or four anitnodes.... (4th harmonic)?
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    What happens to the resonant frequency of a wine glass as you fill it

    As you fill a wine glass with water, how does the resonant frequency change? Surely it should increase? i did an experiment and it decreased? I am so confused!? Why does this happen?
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    Where in a wineglass does the standing wave forms?

    Hi Im doing coursework relating to resonance in a wine glass, and i am so confused as to where the standing waves are formed, clearly in videos i have watched the wineglass, when exposed to a high amplitude of its resonant frequency (in slow motion) clearly shows the wine glass vibrating back...
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    Resonance in a Wineglass

    Hello, I was just wondering what the natural frequency (of a wineglass) depends on, i would say density of the glass, the shape, thickness, could anyone tell me about in more detail? Does this apply for any object (as the object gets bigger it becomes more complicated and...
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    Can someone help me understand Bernoulli's Equation?

    C=v^2/2+gz+ P/p This is it... there is pressure P... and then kinteic energy per unit volume and potential energy per unit volume... adding all of these gives = conservation of energy... Why is this? (Might need to explain the conservation of energy) Preferably a more wordy reply :) thanks
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    How much does Newtons 3rd Law account for Lift in %?

    I would like to know how much of a % does newtons 3rd law (action / reaction) account for lift of a chopper.. i would also like to know this for Bernoulli's principle.. Can you give a source to back it up? I cant find an answer any where
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    Why does the air flow faster over the top of the aerofoil than underneath?

    Because it is curved? -------------> why because it is curved will it flow faster over it?! What other reasons!? pressure is lower ontop, therefore faster?? why is the pressure on top lower... is it because of the shape of the aerofoil? I just find it hard to put this into a sentence...
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    Helicopters (Coursework) anyone got any recommendations?

    Helicopters (Coursework) anyone got any recommendations?? I am writing about generally how helicopters work and all physics to do with them.... Forces that Act on a Helicopter.... These are what i have started on... intro into the basic physics Drag... Air Resistance.... Thrust...
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    Simple Question to do with TORQUE on a helicopter

    Homework Statement If the force pushing the helicopter blades from the pivot point surely r is 0... therefore T (torque) is 0 also.... Homework Equations r is the Length from pivot point to force F is force τ= r × F ×sin(θ) The Attempt at a Solution