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    What is this formula in Calculus?

    Hey guys. I'm trying to teach my self Calculus using the internet and I've got to the point were I need to learn what Integration is. One obstacle along my way is this equation: \int_{a}^{b}f(x)dx=\sum_{i=0}^{n-1}f(xi)\Deltax What is the value of d? And what is the use of integration in...
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    Difference between Pre-Calculus and Calculus?

    What is the difference between Pre-Calculus and Calculus? Is Pre a more broken down version of Calculus or is it compulsory to learn it before Calculus? What I'm saying is, what does Pre-Calculus consist of compared to Calculus?
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    Calculus: Derivative

    1) f(x)=3x2-7x+5 2) \frac{f(x+h)-f(x)}{h} What is the value of equation 2? NOTE: I'm new to Calculus. I'm trying to self teach by using the internet. Thanks in advance. ;)
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    What is the Chemistry equivalent of Particle Physics?

    Are there any areas of Chemistry that are dedicated to the study of elementary particles e.g.the Standard Model?
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    What does Δx mean?

    So I'm aware that the triangle is uppercase delta which means the difference between: 10\Delta5=5 But what does Δx mean?
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    Square Root of a Quantity of X

    How does one calculate the square root of a quantity of x e.g. \sqrt{25x}? Also could you equate 5x^{2} to 25x? Just a thew random queries going around my head. NOTE: I'm 14.
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    Particle Physics: Why are Mesons a type of Gauge Boson?

    If a Meson is a Hadron that contains a Quark and an Anti-Quark which are both Fermions then why are Mesons a type of Gauge Boson?
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    How much Maths does one need in Particle Physics?

    Hi, I'm Marc. I'm 14, from the UK and I love Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics. I was just wondering about how much Maths and what areas of Maths I would need to accumulate the knowledge for, in order to do A-level and eventually University Physics, specifically Particle Physics. Could...