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    Is my work correct?

    Homework Statement I need to work on a differential equation. \frac{d^2T}{dx^2} - (m+n\ sin(kx))\ T = 0 Homework Equations Is my work correct? The Attempt at a Solution \frac{d^2T}{dx^2} - (m+n\ sin(kx))\ T = 0 \frac{d}{dx}\left(\frac{dT}{dx} \right) = (m+n\ sin(kx))\ T \int...
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    Heat conduction problem with variable temperature

    Homework Statement Find the the T(x). See attachment. The top, bottom as well as the left side are adiabatic. The fluid temperature on the side of convective heat transfer is a function of x. The dimension for the width is W. Homework Equations How to find T(x) The Attempt at a...
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    Integration of an exponential function

    Homework Statement I need to integrate the following function: y = \int e^{-\frac{n}{\omega}cos \omega t} dt Homework Equations How should I solve this? Will this lead me to Bessel function? 2. My attempt a=\frac{n}{\omega} u=-a cos (\omega t) du = a\omega sin...
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    Need help for heat conduction problem with multiple BC

    Dear all, I have difficulty in solving this problem (see the figure in attached thumbnails) I have a rectangular shape with length/height of L and the thickness/width of \delta Within the rectangular area, a heat conduction occurred. I would like to determine the temperature profile within the...