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    Engineering Math - Complex Roots and Powers

    Homework Statement Evaluate the following in x+iy form. i3+i Homework Equations i=rei\Theta The Attempt at a Solution i=rei\frac{pi}{2} i3+i = i3*ii (-i)(ei2\frac{pi}{2}) =-ie-\frac{pi}{2} =-.2079i I understand how it all works out except \frac{pi}{2}. I can't figure out how...
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    Cart pushed up a ramp

    Homework Statement A cart is pushed up a ramp with an initial speed v0=2.5m/s. For this problem, you may assume that the cart is frictionless and the acceleration of the cart a=gsin\theta. A) If the angle of the ramp is \theta=20, what is the maximum distance d that the cart will travel up...
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    Trig - Can't rememeber Equation

    I'm unsure if this should be in homework help or not... but... In Trig (over a year ago) I remember being taught a equation to find the force being applied (in this case) to the tires of a car when pushing it with "x" force at "y" height. Lo and behold, I need this equation for a project...
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    Use x^2+2 in the Difference Quotient

    I took a placement test and blew it away. (I tested into calculus, best possible placement for this test.) Everything was rather simple except for this problem which I cannot seem to get right. Can someone show me where I'm going wrong here? Homework Statement Use x2+2 in the Difference...