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    Attractive forces in 3-d space

    Hi, I'd appreciate your help about this: Is someone capable of explaining how attractive forces work in three dimensional space, without invoking a negative time trick? I know this is not the first time when someone is asking about this subject. I've already read almost all posts about it...
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    How repulsion works?

    Hi, I am green to QED. I could not find any more detailed answer about more exact description of atoms' repel process, both on the forum and the internet. Let's say we have a swarm of water steam particles, hitting each other. Some will join and stay together to form larger droplets, but some...
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    What exactly perspective is?

    what exactly "perspective" is? It may be considered as a noob question, but I was thinking about the perspective itself, but not in terms of optics/eye focusing. 1. Why distant objects are smaller and close objects are larger? Does it have something to with amount of photons radiated into an...
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    Is photon a basic unit of information?

    I have a simple question: can we assume that a photon is the basic unit of information? And the photon movement is the information flow? It seems strange, but wherever I try to find anything about information flow basics, there is no mention about photons. Shannon's or Mazur's information...