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    A Predicting the positive parity and zero spin of the Higgs boson?

    Can we predict the positive parity, and zero spin of the Higgs boson from the decay mode: 𝐻 → 𝛾𝛾?
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    Help please differentiating this equation from a mechanics textbook

    I tried doing it a few times and this is all I get: c(˙f1+˙f2)=a˙a2+a2˙a−3ca2+˙ha2+2ha+2˙af′2+2a˙f′2c(f1˙+f2˙)=aa˙2+a2a˙−3ca2+h˙a2+2ha+2a˙f2′+2af2′˙ Please let me know where I'm going wrong. Thanks