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    Calculate Accuracy of GPS?

    Hello, I need to calculate how accurate a GPS system is using only Special Relativity and a very basic knowledge of GR (without tensors...which is limited). I'm not sure where to begin however... where does the uncertainty in the measurement come from? How can I calculate the size of the...
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    Special Relativity - Help Please!

    Homework Statement Two twins start their clocks at the same time, one of them travels for 7 years at a speed of 4/5c, reverses direction and returns at half the speed. The other twin remains stationary, what is the difference in their age? Homework Equations t = t_p γ The Attempt...
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    Compton Scattering Concept Question

    Hi, I had an issue with compton scattering that I never received a satisfactory answer for. My issue was that after the collision, there exists a y component of momentum... but all diagrams of the compton effect align the axis center to center from the photon to the electron and on top of...
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    Infinite Series

    \sum\frac{1}{n(n+k)} from n=1 to infinity find that the series is convergent and find it's sum. Now I'm a bit confused... I can show it's convergent with k=1 and I attempted the same thing with k by breaking this into partial fractions. But I'm given a harmonic series that is divergent...
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    Finding Lorentz Vector? -Physics Noob

    I was given this as an extra-curricular activity... way over my understanding of physics, sophmore year undergraduate. But I can use a bit of help. I'm given data from a collision resulting in 2 muons. (this is exactly how the text is written to me, if any of these definitions are not...
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    Mass reconstruction

    What is it? I always hear it and never know what exactly it means to "reconstruct" mass.
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    Computational Physics

    Hi, Im an undergrad physics student and trying to get a research position at my school. I've talked to one researcher and he didn't have a use for me but advised me to look into computational physics work with another professor. What is computational physics exactly? I know that you can...
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    Non-Uniform Dielectric

    This isn't a homework problem, just something to explore my understanding so correct me if any of my assumptions are wrong. I have given myself the situation where I have a capacitor of area "A" and separation "d" Between them is a non-uniform but continuous dielectric, so that the...
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    Capacitors, energy storage and energy release

    Just a short concept question for understanding... I understand that a capacitor stores a charge, However I'm told that capacitors can be used to store up a charge and release it very quickly. How does this energy get released is what I don't understand. To my understanding of a...
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    Quick Couple Concept Questions on Guass's Law

    Just a couple quick questions I was wondering about. Also, this is an Introductory E&M class so we don't actually perform the surface integral so knowing \oint\vec{E}d\vec{A}=EA=\frac{q_{enclosed}}{\epsilon_{0}} When using cylindrical symmetry I'm supposed to ignore any flux on the top and...
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    Finding E field from potential

    Two long conducting cylindrical shells are coaxial and have radii of 20 mm and 80 mm. The electric potential of the inner conductor, with respect to the outer conductor, is +600V. In the situation provided, an electron is in circular motion around the inner cylinder in an orbit of 30mm...
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    SHM/Spring Concept Questions

    Just going through some concept questions and these three have me stumped. If anyone can lend a hand. If a uniform spring is cut in half, what is the force constant of each half? Justify your answer. How would the frequency of SHM using a half-spring difer from that using the same mass and...
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    Newton's Cradle, Simple Harmonic Motion

    Is it possible to see newton's cradle in simple harmonic motion? Im thinking that the period is the same as a simple pendulum, if not how would I calculate this?
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    Angular Momentum In A Helicopter

    So we have a helicopter with a blade that has the moment of inertia "I" that is "2R" long and is spinning at an angular velocity \omega. To stabilize the aircraft, the tail ruder must exert an equal an opposite force. Can someone point me in the direction of how to calculate the force...
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    Simple Net Gravitation problem

    Here's the question. "Four identical masses of 800 kg each are placed at the corners of a square whose side length is 10.0 cm. What is the net gravitational force on one of the masses due to the other three?" for convenience, I replaced mass with "M" and the distance with "d" So, I...
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    Lazy flea and log. Kinda tough.

    I'm given the following problem. A log sits in the woods with a radius "r". Lazy flea wants to jump over the log with the least amount of velocity necessary. If distance "d" away from the center of the log, and angle theta is the angle of velocity above the horizontal. Find theta, d, and v(min)...