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    Halochromism in Phenolphthalein

    It is known that when pH of solution is greater than 12 phph solution turns colorless. And the structural change which occurs is I want to ask why OH_ group attack sp2 hybridized carbon atom attached to three different rings? How elecrophilic site is generated there? In one of its bonding...
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    Kinetic theory of Gases

    Hi I would like to ask is there any relation between compressibility factor of gases and temperature? My text book says that it always increases with increase in temperature but doesn't explains how? I know that on increases the temperature it is harder for molecules to show attractive...
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    Light Matter interaction

    Hi I would like to ask that what makes a transparent medium transparent ? What happens when a photons of light passes through our atmosphere ? I suppose that visible spectrum of light passes through atmosphere without causing excitation of electrons of gases' molecules, but what happens when...
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    Oracle8i installation error

    I am using Windows XP (sp2). When I run setup file of Oracle for insallation I get the error File_Not_Found while mapping rdbms80. Please help to fix this error!
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    Colour of complex compounds and crystal field theory

    Hi It is know that the colour exhibited by coordinate compound is because of d-d electron transitions. These d-d transition lead to absorption of photons of a paticular frequence. AND when a electron become exited due to absorption of photon it should radiate electromagnetic wave of frequency...
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    Orbital energy and Electronic Configurations

    Hi I have questions related to the electronic configurations of elements of d and f-block. First I want to ask a question about the E.C. of Lanthanium. This element has E.C. [Xe]5d16s2, but according to Bohr-Bury rule 4f-orbitals should be filled prior to 5d-orbital and then Lanthanium’s E.C...
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    Structure of SO2

    Hi I was trying to understand the geometry of Sulphur Dioxide molecule on the basis of hybridisation involved in the central atom. I found that Sulphur atom should have SP2 hybridisation. I want to know that is there any promotion of electron from 3 p-orbitals to 3d-orbitals and then forming...
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    Plamids role in bacterial cell

    Hi I want to know about the role which plasmids play in a baterial cell.How the genes which are coded in plasmid DNA expressed themselves ? Does the transcription of plasmid DNA takes place independently of chromosomal DNA I mean to say that do the plasmids have promotor sequence for RNA...
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    Qualitatively define entropy

    Hi, I want to know a concrete qualitative definition of entropy. If we define it to be a measure of randomness (disorder) in a system then as per intuition it would mean that a system with less probability in a given microstate will have greater entropy. But as per statistical mechanics...
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    Charge displacement through a conductor

    I read this in book that if we consider a conductor in which current I is flowing at a potential difference of V then in time ∆t charge equal to I ∆t will flow across the ends of conductor. But in time ∆t that much amount of charge will only be able to travel distance equal to drift velocity...