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    What is your opinion about Arrhenius' announcement?

    At the ceremony of awarding Nobel prizes, Svante Arrhenius said as following. "Most discussion centers on his theory of relativity. This pertains essentially to epistemology and has therefore been the subject of lively debate in philosophical circles." I agree with Arrhenius what is...
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    Korean Salvation Army

    Korean Salvation Army have spent somewhat 50 milion US dollars, to build their own building, (that is only a expense for construction, not including price of land which is very expensive) The donor must give money to salvation army for purpose of charity. but they use that money for their...
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    News What is the reason of demonstration in Greece?

    I have heard the demostration in Greece via news of press. but the news from world-wide press are not correspond to common sense. because press make money from advertisement of corperation, they are apt to disguise reality. I think only death of one boy can not provoke such situation...
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    Pathetic Serenade

    Following Music was released in 1937 in Korea. Named as Pathetic Serenade It is the one of th most Pongchak music in Korea What is the feeling of this song? [Broken]
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    News U.S.A. must sell Alaska to Korea and Japan

    International financial crisis due to a simple fact the debtor can not pay their debt. so someone must lose money. only big money holder can lose such a big money. who is a bing money holder? Asian central bank. but Asian centural bank has no reason to lose their money. the Debtor must...