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    Oh and one more question

    I know why the dark matter and dark light hypothesis exist to explain the universes apparent mass; when our calculations say it is only a small percnetage of the universes actual mass etc, and the hubble constants apparent increase and so on, but what if what we are looking at is innacurate? The...
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    Re: mmmmmm QM

    Well no replies there, so much for trying to learn about quantum mechanics? Ok a different question, there are two theories I've heard about black holes and the reason why Hawking has now accepted that information can escape from black holes, one is string theory, the other is loop theory...
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    Quantum Computing

    I have read with interest the previous post on this topic, but wonder, I recently read an article about the first quantum transistor, a small step on the path to a true quantum computer, and also some articles on using argon atoms and electrons as ram and a bus respectively; can anyone however...
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    Re: this just an idea

    Don't get all tetchy or anything but I see two posts have been moved and closed, why exactly, they seemed to be perfectly inoffensive, is this an example of censorship? Considered answers would be appreciated, let me reiterate though I'm not trying to offend anyone I'm just curious :confused: