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    Is anyone of you learning Statistical Mechanics ? come and let's learn together

    is anyone of you learning Statistical Mechanics ? come and let's learn together!!! :biggrin: haha, I am currently taking statistical mechanics in my undergraduate 2nd year. This subject is so interesting! I would like to invite you all to discuss and debate about the our understanding of...
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    C/++/# Is it POSSIBLE to integrate C++ with WITec Project 1.88? call for help~ haha

    Is it POSSIBLE to integrate C++ with WITec Project 1.88??? urgent call for help~ haha hi everyone, currently i am doing a project in which i have to extract date MANUALLY from the solfware. It will be VERY tiring because the number of data I have to extract is more than 1000 times...
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    How can the Wimshurst machine generate a very HIGH voltage?

    It is so surprising that athe Wimshurst machine can generate up tp 1,000,000 voltage with the size of 50 cm! As I know, in order to generate such a high voltage on its 2 terminals, there must be a very large quantity of charges being "collected and stored" in the Leyden Jars. Am I right...
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    Who are the Greatest Physicists in this century?

    :bugeye: Last century we have Max Plank, Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, Schrodingers, de Broglie, Fermi and so on (so many!) great physicisys. So, who do we have in this century? Stephen Hawking?
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    Science, a game for Young men?

    people said that most great ideas and developments in sciences (especially physics and mathematics) are made by young men. For example, Einstein, Heisenberg, Newton, Ramanujan, and so on. Nowadays, we see that most peiople get their phD at nearly 28. Do you think 28 is stilla Golden...
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    Do yu prefer studying in midnight to in morning?

    hi my friends! I just want to ask, do you like studying in midnight? I found that, I can concentrate better in midnight, and in afternoon I always feel sleepy! For me, I prefer studying in midnight because I can HIGHLY concentrate in that time!!! But as I know, working or studying in...
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    Why every textbooks put the light source in the horizontal line?

    in the diffraction experiment, the light source and the slit are in the same horizonatal line. My question is, if the light source is placed at another position which is no longer in the previous horizontal line, would we still get the same diffraction pattern? Will the diffraction pattern...
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    What are the classical Textbooks for quantum mechanics and electromagnetism?

    What are the "classical Textbooks" for quantum mechanics and electromagnetism??? hi, I want to use my vacations to study quantum mechanics and eletromagnetism. Are there any "classical textbook" for these 2 subjects, like "Goldstein classical mechanics" for mechanics? Thanks, Twukwu.
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    At what age you complete your phD?

    hi, At what age you competed your phD? As I have calculated, I would have completed my phD right at the age of 28, is it too LATE? I have heard that some professors completed their phD at 23 or even 21. terrible.. ... Twukwuw.
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    What guarantee Kirchoff's law of potential difference?

    Kirchoff's law states that, the potential difference along a closed circuit must be ZERO. Now, lets do a simple question 1. We have a simple circuit consists of INDUCTOR and Voltage source-->V=V.sin(wt) At any instant, why must the voltage supplied equal the voltage generated in the...
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    Would an electron use up its kinetic energy after competing a circuit?

    I was told that, in an simple electronic circuit (consist of resistor and battery), the power supplied by the battery must be equal to the power (heat) dissipated by the resistor. In form of equation: VI = RI^2 ,where V=voltage supplied by the battery, I=current, R=resistence. I find...
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    Programs How enough is a phD scholarship? Would we save NO MONEY after 5 years of phD study?

    hi, I am not an US citizen, but have a plan to study phD in US. However, I have financial problem. My question is: If I am awarded a phD scholarship, is there still any other "financial sources" that I can work for to earn some more money? If I spend just enough for basic living...
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    Are professorships guaranteed to those very excellent theoretical physicists?

    I want to be a professor in theoretical physics, but, people said that this position is limited. My question is, would a University recruit a excellent theoretical professor, even when there has been SO MANY theoretical physicist? I worry that, because theoretical physicists bring NO...
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    Ampere's Law, must the current extend to infinity?

    Ampere's law states that, the closed integral of B over the loop enclosed it equals uI, where u = permeability of the material and I = current "passing" through the loop. I feel confused, because, should the current be extended to infinity? I mean, when we have an infinite wire of current...
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    Contradiction between personal dream and the social resposibility.

    Dear my friends, Everything become so blurred to me, I dont know what I should do for life. I used to be very ambitious and want to be a good physicist, because the beauty of Nature has been fascinating me for a long time, since the first day I read Einstein Relativiy. But, as I grow...
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    Why must the eletric field inside a conductor equal ZERO?

    I was told that at electrostatic equilibrium, the electric field inside a conductor will be ZERO, so that the charges will not move any more. but why, I argue that, even when the electric field is not zero everywhere inside the conductor, there is still a chance for the charges to be...
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    The distance-dependent nature behind lorentz time-transformation

    The distance-dependent nature behind lorentz "time-transformation"... The Lorentz transformation give sush an equation: t = y(T-ux/c^2). t = "time-point" where an eventZ happens in a moving frame T = "time-point" where the event Z happens in a stationary frame. u = relative velocity. I...
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    Where does the centripetal force acting on a spinning top comes from?

    When a top is spinning, it wont fall down to the land as long as its angular speed is large. I can understand this phenomena from the Torque-Angular momemtum perspective. Howevr, i can understand it from F=ma 's perspective. Sine its center of mass is making a circular motion around the...
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    Can anyone solve this shape of a string puzzle?

    Can anyone solve this... "shape of a string" puzzle? Let's say there is an infinite massless and elastic string, which laid horizontally and one of the ends is extended to infinite distance. The string is "pulled" thoroughly and somehow, so that there is a tension T along it. There is a...
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    Mathematica How to upload the mathematical formula i have type?

    i use mathType to type mathematical formulae, after that, what should i do to post the formulae to this forum? Thanks in advanced! :biggrin: :bugeye: :approve:
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    How to type mathematics?

    Help me! Can anybody tell me how to type mathematics terms, such as integration? Can anybody tell me that where I can download mathematics solfware so that I can type mathematics text?
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    Is Gauss' law wrong?

    undefinedundefinedundefinedSuppose there is a charged HOLLOW CONDUCTOR in an Electric-field-free region. Since there is no electric field acting on that conductor, thus all the electric charges will distribute themselves on the surface, as predicted by Gauss’ law. Gauss’ law can be interpreted...