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    Kinetic energy help

    Homework Statement This is not homework, I am too old for school. I am trying to teach myself accident reconstruction. The equation I have for impact utilizes crush points. The crush points reveals an energy of 479609.6 to crush the car, so what I am trying to figure out is the speed of the...
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    Prove of formula

    I am trying to prove that the skid to stop formula works with vehicles of different weight, with the use of kinetic energy. I think I have proven this, but if someone would like to check this over to make sure I am correct I would appreciate it. 13000 kg vehicle leaves skid marks 21 meters...
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    Weight of vehicles when stopping

    Homework Statement Is it possible that a vehicle weighing 2000 kg and a vehicle weighing 13000 kg can both use the same skid to stop formula?? Does the difference in weight not come into account? Homework Equations Where : S = speed in km/h µ = .75 d = skid distance S = 15.9...
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    Deceleration of a vehicle problem

    I do not understand vehicle deceleration. The Attempt at a Solution d = µg 6.687 = .7 * 9.81 d = 6.687 m/s My question it always figured out this way when dealing with vehicles.
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    Energy in accident equation

    Can someone please tell me what I am suppose to do with c1c2 and 2b in the following equation. I do not know if I am to mulitply, divide, subtract or add. E= L * (( a /2 ) * ( c1 + c2) + b / 6 * ( c1² + c1c2 + c2² ) + ( a² / 2b)) Where: L = 1 a=375 b=45 c1=.33 c2=.33 My answer comes...
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    How to get m/s/s out of m/s

    Could someone please tell me how to get m/s/s out of m/s
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    Help Passing Equation

    passing equation - help please I am really confused :yuck: with this stuff, old timer needs some help.... A vehicle moving at a speed of 50 mph is slowing traffic on a two-lane highway. What passing sight distance is necessary, in order for a passing maneuver to be carried out safely...