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    Propagation of error help

    Homework Statement I slide a ball off of a ramp (the ramp is on a table) and the ball hits the ground and bounces horizontally and vertical. I know that horizontal velocity = horizontal distance*sqrt(gravity/2*height) or d*sqrt(g/2h) I want to know the equation for calculation error. The...
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    Momentum collision between the ball and the floor

    Homework Statement I throw a ball horizontally During the first collsion between the ball and the floor Select one: a. Both horizontal and vertical momentum of the ball are conserved b. The horizontal momentum of the ball decreases and the vertical momentum decreases c. The horizontal...
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    Moment of inertia and angular acceleration

    Homework Statement If the fall height of the mass is doubled, the angular acceleration of the wheel will a. decrease by an unkown amount b. remain unchanged c. decrease by a factor of 2 d. increase by an unknown amount e. increase by a factor of 2 Homework Equations The...
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    Help with vector space of real value functions

    Homework Statement The set of all real-valued functions f defined everywhere on the real line and such that f(4) = 0, with the operations (f+g)(x)=f(x)+g(x) and (kf)(x)=kf(x) verify if all axioms hold true. Homework Equations Axioms 1 and 6 These closure axioms require that if we add...
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    Help with vector spaces axioms

    Homework Statement for the 2x2 matrix [a 12;12 b] is it a vector space Homework Equations 1. If u and v are objects in V, then u+v is in V 2. u+v = v + u 3. u+(v+w) = (u+v)+w 4. There is an object 0 in V, called a zero vector for V, such that 0+u = u+0 = u for all u in V 5. For each u in V...