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    Just a question re high power xray

    i was checking out the web and ran across an experiment in Siberia that had a grant. the experiment was a 300 kw electron beam at 5 MeV for efficient conversion to xray. to me this has such an interesting use for industry both electron beam and xray. if it had a 10% efficiency on power used...
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    Phase shifting question

    i have a simple question about klystrons. okay if i need say a 2 Mw rf pulse but i only have 10 200kw klystrons. assuming no regular losses. Can I connect these 10 klystrons in parallel. Do I need to phase shift the inputs of 9 to syncronize the outputs? Can I operate them continuously or...
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    Thales Th1801 question

    On the new Thales Th1801 multi beam klystron. All the cavities are shared so they all see the same field. The final output cavity has two windows. Is the final output cavity all one since the klystron can operate without one beam or is it divided? If there are two outputs are they 5 or 10 Mw...
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    High energy question

    how do i calculate the depth of water an electron takes to stop at different energies? ( for instance at 10MeV is 6cm) would it be a dirrect relationship? Also i need to know how to calculate shielding for the xrays created. Thickness of concrete? (per MeV) thanks
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    Russian helicopter death ray

    hi i was wondering about the russian helicopter death ray and if it was based on the russian multi beam klystrons and all in one technology. does it use tesla multi beam technology? thanks