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    Induced potential in a bar due to a magnetic field

    Homework Statement [Broken] Homework Equations Lorentz Force = F = q(E+(v\times B)) The Attempt at a Solution i. I = \frac{dQ}{dt} So, dQ = number of electrons x area dx i.e. I = \frac{n e d^2}{dt}dx = n e d^2 v_d ii Presumably the...
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    Work done by a heat engine - quick issue with units used in the solution

    Homework Statement "A gas storage system contains oxygen at a pressure of 5 atmospheres at 300 K. (Here, you may assume that oxygen behaves as an ideal gas.) The volume of the cylinder is initially 150 L. (State 1.) In a fire the gas is initially heated by 200 K, with a safety system keeping...
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    Ideas to extend my coursework?

    Ideas to extend my coursework? (Standing Waves) Homework Statement I'm doing some coursework for school at the moment, and my chosen topic (because it was fun first time round) is standing waves on some kind of wire/string - ie vibration generator, wire and fixed end (ie pulley) with mass...