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    Getting started with Robotics and microcontrollers

    I want to work on building a quadrotor or rover using Arduino/AVR. What is the best way to get started? Should I buy a kit with instructions? This is my first time venturing into robotics using microcontrollers. I am not sure if buying a kit is more useful (or maybe a specific kit produced by...
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    Battery, voltage, current and loads

    Something I have been meaning to ask when working on my car: Why is it that we have a 12 volt battery? Why not say 1.5 or 3 volts? Because if current is all that matters, then we could achieve higher current values to power one load (or multiple loads) with lower resistor values, no? Is it that...
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    High side driver/Low side driver

    I have to work with control units at my new job and I am not sure what something being driver high side versus low side mean? let's says we have a motor connected to a microcontroller unit. if one end +ve of the motor is connected to the controller and the other end of the motor is connected to...
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    PWM and Pull up/pull down

    Hi all, I am an electrical engineer and feel I should know this (embarrassing!), but I for the life of me still cant quite get this concept. I understand conceptually the idea behind a pull up or a pull down, in that we want the IC to read a high state, by defaultm in the case of a pull up and...