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    How do you calculate total heat capacity for a house/wall?

    I was wondering how I might be able to calculate the total heat capacity for a house given the individual heat capacities of the components. For example, if I take a given wall and break it down into its components for a lumped parameter model, I'll have some thermal capacitances in in...
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    Gear Ratios and Constant Power/Torque: find max velocity?

    I'm trying to determine how exactly gear ratio limits velocity. I know that a high torque configuration is generally regarded as low speed, but my calculations do not seem to support that. Basically, I've written a small problem where we have an input gear with constant torque and an output...
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    TI89 calculator solver in functions?

    I was wondering if it's possible to use the TI89 Titanium's built-in solver with programs. More specifically, for compressible flow problems, I'd like to calculate mach number based on area ratio, specify whether the flow is subsonic or supersonic, then do something with the corresponding...