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    A paradox about Drift Velocity

    Hi! I was just reading about drift speed and I read that the speed is about 10^-4m/s. It then struck me that if electricity is carried by electrons, then in a given circuit, how is the light bulb lighting up so quickly when according to my calculations the time taken to travel 0.5 metres for...
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    Swinging bob

    Hi! I was just wondering regarding this. When we swing a bob tied to a thread, completely perpendicular to the vertical wall (that is, parallel to the floor), what force balances the weight of the bob? I don't think it can be mv^2/r because that centripetal force is perpendicular to the...
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    A little doubt

    1. A thermometer is calibrated wrongly. At the melting point, it reads -10 degree celsius. At 50 degree celsius, it reads 60 degree celsius. What does the thermometer read at the boiling point? 2. I think this is logic-based. 3. I drew a table but got confused.