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    CO2 emitters to ward off mosquito's - works?

    Anyone have practical experience with the propane (or vinegar/baking soda) CO2 emitters which purport to reduce mosquito problems? End of biting season for this year, but would like to have an effective approach for next year.
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    Interview nightmares

    Just reading another thread made me think we should have a thread on your best interview nightmares. I've got several. One for starters: I'm interviewing with the CEO of a small company, Him: "...if we hired you, you'd be the smartest one here." Me: (pauses for a few seconds to...
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    Who makes these 'physics' rules anyway? [Broken] Not intended as a political statement.
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    Forum Game - What's that movie?

    Forum Game -- What's that movie? Similar to the landmark game. First to correctly identify the movie posts a new pic for a new movie. You are then responsible for giving clues (after a couple of days or so if its really a stumper), and deciding the next winner. Here's an easy one to start:
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    Cool video

    Just bumped into this on another forum and thought it was cool and well shot."
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    Great hoaxes and/or exaggerated claims

    I'm looking for references or anecdotes to recent (>1950) science hoaxes, unrepeatable claims (e.g. cold fusion), or cargo-cult science for some research I'm doing. Predictive sciences only, not descriptive sciences -- Physics, Chem, etc., not Anthropology (e.g. Piltdown man, etc.) Most...
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    AC noise in audio ckt

    I'm working on a 'Fuzz box' for a bass guitar, ckt diagram below. With fuzz on and gains up, I'm getting a strange (to me) AC artifact -- Oscope images below (AC waveform from isolation xfmr at 10V/div, signal out at 2V/div). With fuzz on, and the input shorted to ground, the artifact is...
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    Dual polarity power supply circuit question

    I'm having trouble with the power supply portion of an opamp circuit I'm working on. The supply is +/- 5 Volt using 7805/7905's. Half wave rectifiers provide the unregulated input with 1000uF input caps and 100uF output caps. AC is supplied by a 13VAC 'wall wart' with no center ground tap...