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    Should photons be considered massless?

    Hello all, I am asking this question in the context of general relativity. In general relativity the stress-energy tensor is related to the spacetime metric through the Einstein field equations. The production of a curved spacetime is what creates what we call gravitation. For example a...
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    Does negative potential energy reduce the effect of gravity?

    Hello, my question is in the context of modeling static neutron stars via the TOV equation. This is for a 20 week research project for my undergraduate degree. I am creating different equations of state to relate energy density to pressure, I have already used ideal fermi gas models, and now...
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    Linearly independent eigen vectors

    Hello everyone, this nxn matrix arises in my numerical scheme for solving a diffusion PDE. M = \left(\begin{array}{cccccccccc}1-\frac{Dk}{Vh} & \frac{Dk}{Vh} & 0 & 0 & & & \ldots & & & 0 \\[6pt] \frac{Dk}{h^2} & 1-2\frac{Dk}{h^2} & \frac{Dk}{h^2} & 0 & & & & & & \\[6pt]0 &...
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    Exploiting a the inverse to determine eigen vectors?

    Hello, this is related to my research on RCW(FMM) analysis of light shone onto crossed gratings. main question: can you exploit having matrix A and its inverse A^{-1} to calculate the eigen vectors/values of A in a more effective way? backgroud: so my problem is this: I have an unusual...