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    Big shaft to small shaft

    Hello, I am on a project where i need to rotate a disc with the help of electric motor(connecting directly to the shaft of the motor). The motor shaft has a diameter of 6mm and the shaft of disc has 15mm. what could be the best possible way to connect both of them.
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    Gyroscopic Precession

    Hello, I am doing a project on a Gyroscopic Briefcase. What i want to know is that, if i add some additional mass to the rotating gyroscope ( which is in preceession ) what would be the result in the precession of gyroscope? Is there any numerical way to find the final result (i.e. speed...
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    Selection of a Motor

    hello, I need to rotate a circular aluminium disc with a Battrey powred DC motor. I am having problem in finding the right kind of motor. The total mass of the disc is 6 kg, radius of 30 cm and have to be rotated both horizontally and vertically. I need to rotate it at 1600 rpm. So what would be...