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    Fourier Transform using Transform Pair and Properties

    Homework Statement Finding the Fourier Transform using Transform Pair and Properties x(t) = 2[u(t+1)- t^{3}e^{6t}u(t)] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution For the first problem, I got u(t) \leftrightarrow ∏δ(ω)+\frac{1}{jω} F(at-t_{0}) \leftrightarrow...
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    Antenna gain and tv Resistance requirements

    Homework Statement A satellite link has a transmitted power output of 0.5W. This power is increased in the direction of transmission by the transmitter antenna, which has a 20dB gain. The RF signal is attenuated by a path loss of 200 dB. The total noise level at the receiver input is estimated...
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    Statistical Analysis for our project

    I actually have no idea on how would we conduct our statistical analysis for our design project. We will be creating a digital alarm clock with an improvised sensor and we will also be conducting series of tests for it. Now our teacher is looking for the statistical analysis. Our testings are...
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    Open Circuit Problem with Logic Gates

    I wonder how can I make the logic gate read 0V when it is open? For instance, the AND logic gate. If one of its input pin has 5V supply, and the other don't have, the output signal given to me is 5V. How can I make it 0V? Well, theoretically, it should be 0V, but in reality, it appears that...
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    Different LED displays (Assembly)

    Homework Statement Create a Menu to run a program for LED sequences using procedure calls or macros as follows: [1] Blinking LED [2] Two at a time [3] Alternate [4] Rotate Right [5] Rotate Left . The program will display „1‟ for LED “ON” and „0‟ for LED “OFF”. Use delay, message output and...
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    Turbo Assembler Problem

    Homework Statement We were required to use our surnames as a password to our assembly program. If the user inputs incorrect character or string, an "incorrect password" message will appear. Otherwise, it will display "correct password." The problem is I do not know how to ask several inputs. I...
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    Assembly Language homework help

    Homework Statement I'm having hard time appreciating this topic since they're not discussed well and, as of now, I still don't have resources or sample programs. We're required to display Az By Cx . . . Yb Za including spaces using DOS debug. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Find the Summation Notation and the Radius of Convergence

    Homework Statement Find the Summation Notation and Radius of Convergence of this series. 5, x, 10, x, .... The Attempt at a Solution I don't know how did they come up with that equation.. But the summation seems right.. Can anyone tell me how did they arrive with that equation? I've tried...
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    How fast must a coil be rotating to produce a certain current

    Homework Statement The Attempt at a Solution For letter A, my guess is ξ = dɸB/dt, ɸB = BA (since both magnetic field and the area are constants) After substituting, I ended up with a hanging \frac{d}{dt}.. I'm quite confused. For letter B, I don't know. Will I use the same...
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    Kirchhoff's Rule Cap-monster maze

    Well, the attachments says it all, the cap-monster and res-monster maze. I want to know if I made a right decision about my answer. Cap-monster maze ξ - q/C = 0 Then q = 60(nano)Coulomb. Res-monster Maze -ξ1 - ξ2 - ξ3 - ξ4 + IR = 0 I = 4A. Am I right?
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    Newton's Law of Cooling air temperature

    Homework Statement At 1:00PM, a thermometer reading 70oF is taken outside where the air temperature is -10oF. At 1:02PM, the reading is 26oF. At 1:05PM, the thermometer is taken back indoors, where the air is at 70oF. What is the temperature reading at 1:09PM? Homework Equations The Attempt at...
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    Homogeneous Equation?

    Homework Statement xdx+sin\frac{y}{x}(ydx-xdy) = 0 The Attempt at a Solution Well, it's quite easy. But I'm quite confused if this is homogeneous or not, because of the sine function. This is my solution, assuming that this is a homogeneous equation. let x = vy, dx = vdy + ydv; then...
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    Integration and Partial Differentiation Problem

    Homework Statement (A) \int{\frac{(v^2+2v+4)dv}{v^3+v^2+2v+4}} (B) \frac{\partial{M}}{\partial{y}}=(1-xy)^{-2} \frac{\partial{N}}{\partial{x}}=y^2+x^2(1-xy)^{-2} Homework Equations (A) How can I integrate this? (B)After getting the partial derivatives, are they equal? The Attempt...
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    Differential Equations problem 2

    Homework Statement 2(2x^2+y^2)dx-xydy=0 Homework Equations let x = yv dx = ydv+vdy The Attempt at a Solution (4v^2y^2+2y^2)(ydv+vdy)-vy^2dy=0 4v^2y^3dv+4v^3y^2dy+2y^3dv+2vy^2dy-vy^2dy=0 4v^2y^3dv+2y^3dv+4v^3y^2dy+vy^2dy=0 2y^3(2v^2+1)dv+y^2(4v^3+v)dy=0 dividing all sides by...
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    Differential Equation problem

    Homework Statement x^2y\frac{d^2y}{dx^2} + (x\frac{dy}{dx} - y)^2 = 0 y^2=C_{1}x^2+C_{2}x y=2;y'=1 when x=1 Homework Equations Can someone give me the answer? Just the answer, the particular solution. Please? I'm having really hard time calculating for it. This is one of the seatworks given...