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    Spring 2010 results thread

    ^Straight up. I almost feel screwed for grad school. Though at the same time this thread is very inspiring. Hahaha Physics II (E&M): B Physics III (Optics, Thermo, Modern E&M): A Ordinary Differential Equations: B Calculus III (Multivariable): A
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    Calculators TI-89 titanium

    If the programs aren't flash, they won't be showing up on the menu with icons. Try going to the home screen and then VAR-LINK (press 2nd then minus).
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    Fall 2010 - Calculus III or Linear Algebra

    I took linear algebra before multivariable. I actually found my multivariable professor relating things to linear more than the other way around.
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    Schools UC schools view of retaking classes , what do you tihnk?

    Not as forgiving when it comes to W's. It is your status regarding units taken. In UCLA, junior standing is from 60 to 86 semester units (or 90 to 129 quarter units), so anything above that is considered senior standing. These figures would probably be the same for Berkeley, but you better...
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    Schools Admission into foreing universities.l

    Hi Rhydo. Are you looking to transfer? If so, in which schools in particular?
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    Schools UC schools view of retaking classes , what do you tihnk?

    For CC transfers: UCs do not put weight on the number of W's and only factor in grades C and above for the GPA. So if the student had 6 D's and retook them for A's, the student's GPA would still be a 4.0 for the UCs. Grad school, I hear, is not as forgiving though. Also, since the student is...