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    A poll about publishing

    I wanted to gain a sense about some of the opinions floating around out there about publishing works with out the use of references. Of course, the vast majority of papers certainly include references these days. However, in principle it is still possible to write a paper that does not...
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    I have an engine cycle in mind looking for it's name

    This is a simple question I have because I am looking at a particular engine cycle, and I can't seem to think of its name...thus it is very difficult to search for discussions of something you don't know the name of. I'll describe the cycle, if any one knows the name of the cycle please let me...
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    A beutifully simple interpretation of Vector Potential

    This is not my theory, or even new, rather pertaining to established physical knowledge, but I simply find it fascinating. It pertains to several areas of physics, and/or variational mathematics, so I've posted it here in the General Physics area. My reasons for posting is because it is one...
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    General Relativity Revisited (What if gravity actully is a force?)

    General Relativity Revisited (What if gravity actually is a force?) I will admit a few things. First, I suppose I am posting on here because the chances of provoking some discussion, and recieving some feedback are likely better than a few other places I would try. On the other hand, I am...