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    String in an experiment setup

    Why does the string in an experiment setup fro friction experiment be parallel to the horizontal plane? What is its significance? (see picture attached)
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    Elastic and Inelastic Collision

    These are the instructions: What to do: 1. Connect the two photogates to DIG 1 and DIG 2 ports of the LabQuest device. Connect this device to a computer and turn on the device. 2. Open Logger Pro 3.8.4 software. Click Folder icon/symbol. Open Probes & Sensors > Photogates > Two Gate Timing. 3...
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    IMPACT FORCE of a ball in an inclined plane

    [b]1. What would be the effect on the impact force of a lower or higher release point of a metal ball in an inclined plane. [b]2. I don't know what to do here.. or how to answer. My teacher told us to include formulas to prove our answers.