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    Some questions regarding EMC

    HI, I got some questions regarding Electromagnetic Compatibility: 1. When we measure transfer impedance for cable shielding , why we have assume that lamda >> L ? 2. What is the difference between trasnfer impedance & admittance? My friend told me that the impedance in purely...
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    Material to dissolve enamel paint

    hi, I spray with my keyboard with Spray paint ( i think is enamel paint ) and now i am regret - so i need a solution to dissolve it but i can't remember the name , can anyone tell me ? thanks
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    Energy is conserved ?

    energy is conserved ??? hi, just read about energy conservation but i am not so clear about it .for example : a particle moves in uniform oscillation electric field - does the energy conserved ? what is the criterion for conservation energy? thanks
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    Potential conserved quantities

    hi, if i have mass possess potential U(x)=-Gm1m2/(x^2+y^2+(kz)^2 )^1/2 , i said angular momentum of z is conserved but not angular momentum of x , y .. is it correct ? what else is conserved ? energy ?
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    Projection with coriolis force

    hi, i read lots of book regarding fictitious force - coriolis and centrifugal forces, but i am not clear how to determine the direction of the force.. example. if we throw a ball vertical up , how we can know the deviation from the original position ( from book we know that if the ball...
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    Motion of spring mass with charge in magnetic field

    hi, got a difficult question to ask : we can easily find the motion of charge in magnetic field.But now if the charge is attached to a spring, how can we find the general motion ? is it like a gyroscope ? thanks
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    Centripedal & Centrifugal force

    hi, what is difference between Centripedal & Centrifugal ? One is in inertial frames and the other in rotating frames? one is 'true' force and the other is fictitious force? thanks
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    Are you in inertial frames?

    Are you in inertial frames??? hi, today my friend ask me 2 simple questions, too shame i cannot answer i post it here: is the classroom an inertial system ?? earth is rotating around the sun - so ...can still consider as inertial ? 2. If u working in laboratory to find so...
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    Vertical Projectile with air friction

    hi, If we throw a ball vertical upward, we can easily find the maximum height if ignore the friction.. So if we switch on the friction, how can we find the max height ?
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    Kernel of differentiation and integration

    hi, i got a algebra question regarding kernel 1.what is the kernel of intergration operator: T(p)= p'(x)? 2. what is the kernel of differentiation operator : T(p) = integration of p(x) from -1 to 1 thanks
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    Use identities to Prove linearly idenpendent

    determine following setd of vectors in F(-infinitity, infinitiy) are linearly independent (using appropriate identities) 0, [cos (pi*x)]^3 , [sin 3*pi*x]^5 pls help !
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    MATLAB Determine the machine precision in Matlab

    hi, how to determine the machine precision in matlab and estimate from this how many bits are used in the mantissa ??
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    Linear (in)dependent vector sets

    are 6, 3*(sinx)^2 and 2*(cosx)^2 - linearly independent ? Can someone explain how to determine it ?
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    2 simple vector spaces question

    hi,i got 2 question about vector spaces : 1. Do the set of all n-tuples of real numbers of the form (x, x1 ,x2.....xn) with the standard operation on R^2 are vector spaces? 2.Do the set of all positive real numbers with operations x+y =x*y and kx=x^2 are vector space?
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    EM radiation and Nuclear Radiation

    hi , got 2 question about radiation: 1. Microwaves , radiowaves ,gamma rays and visible light - which one cannot detected by film? 2. Gamma rays , beta rays ,neutrons and alphas - which one has the shortest range in tissue ?( assume equal enegy) thanks