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    Job on campus or internship?

    Thank you very much for your comment. I'm appreciated.
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    Job on campus or internship?

    I'm currently having a job on campus which relates to my major (electrical engineering, working in electronic research lab). Should I continue work here or try to find an internship for this summer? I always have job on campus, thus, I never have any internship before. I really don't know...
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    How to sell my own design?

    My brother just designed a new electrical circuit which can be very useful in some devices. He would like to sell it, or in another word, he wants to make money.But he does not know how to do it. Can anyone please help. There is a lot of concern relate to this, and I would like to know...
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    Programs Is it worth to take a minor?

    I'm really interested in CS major. Unfortunately, I almost finish my EE major. If I take 1 more extra semester to get a minor in CS. Is it worth to do that? I could use CS as elective courses. But I didn't know about it earlier so I did take all 400 level math (4 courses) for my elective...
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    What to choose for my master degree?

    Thank you for your comment. I will keep my eyes on it.
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    What to choose for my master degree?

    There something that I don't know when I was first in the college such as double major maybe a bad idea, since we can not work for both. And shifting major took time...Now I'm going to graduate in BS electrical engineering next semester. Now I consider going to master's degree. After 3...
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    Worry about my carrer after college

    I'm an electrical engineer. I'm going to graduate next semester with bachelor degree. But for now, it seems that I don't know much about any thing about engineering field. Is this normal? Right now, I look back everything about myself. It seems that I don't remember much about what I already...
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    What can you say about these?

    You have a matrix A such that N(A) = C(A), what can you say about A2? Why?