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    Light refracting through a plastic sphere

    Homework Statement A small light bulb is placed 10.0 cm from the center of a plastic sphere of radius 1.0 cm and refractive index 1.40. Where is the image of the bulb? Homework Equations 1) Thin lens equation 2) Thick lens equation The Attempt at a Solution I realize that I'm...
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    Area of triangle given 3 vectors pointing to vertices

    Yep, you're right. One of those was supposed to be an A cross B. Thanks.
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    Area of triangle given 3 vectors pointing to vertices

    So, the area of the triangle between two vectors (let's say A and B) is 0.5|Axb| right? I still don't see how I can use that to solve this. I can find the area of every triangle but the one I need. EDIT: Alright, I was just being a dummy. I redrew my picture so that each of the vectors point...
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    Area of triangle given 3 vectors pointing to vertices

    Homework Statement Three vectors A, B, C point from the origin O to the three corners of a triangle. Show that the area of the triangle is given by area = \frac{1}{2}|(B\timesC) + (C\timesA) + (A\timesC)| Homework Equations area of triangle with sides a, b, c = \frac{1}{2}|a\timesc|...
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    Metal block sliding horizontally

    Homework Statement A metal block of mass m slides on a horizontal surface that has been lubricated with a heavy oil so that the block suffers a viscous resistance that varies as the 3/2 power of the speed: F(v) = -cv3/2 If the initial speed of the block is vo at x = 0, show that the block...
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    Trajectory of a ball

    Homework Statement A cannon shoots a ball at an angle \theta above the horizontal ground a) Neglecting air resistence, find the ball's position (x(t) and y(t)) as a function of time. b) Take the above answer and find an equation for the ball's trajectory y(x). Homework Equations...
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    Compton Scattering Question

    Ok, so would the new x component momentum for the photon be h/λ2 * Cosθ? Or is there something I'm missing? And would the initial y components for the photon and electron be zero? As for the final y components would they be: Ppfy= h/λ2 * sinθ? Pefy= p sinψ? So, in total: h/λ1 +...
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    Compton Scattering Question

    I have a vague idea of what I'm supposed to be doing but I'm just so horrible at this. Ok, here's my attempt: The initial momentum of the photon in the x direction PLUS the initial momentum of the electron in the x direction (would it be zero??) has to equal the sum of both final x direction...
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    Compton Scattering Question

    Well, I'm screwed. Thanks, though.
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    Compton Scattering Question

    Homework Statement Okay, so here's the problem: In a Compton scattering experiment, a photon is scattered through an angle of 90.0 and the electron is set into motion in a direction at an angle of 20.0 to the original direction of the photon. (a) Explain how this information is...
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    Magnetic Pendulum Fractal Basin Boundaries in Mathematica

    Homework Statement Hey all, this is for a laboratory. I need to determine the fractal basin boundaries for a magnetic pendulum swinging chaotically about 3 other magnets underneath. I was able to plot a single path for the pendulum in Mathematica, but now I need to expand my code to...