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    Properties of adjacency matrix of graph with cycle

    Let A be the adjacency matrix of some graph G. I am aware that A^n counts paths of length n between vertices of G, and that for graphs without cycles and non-singular A, (I-A)^-1 counts the total number of paths between vertices of G (correct me if any of this is wrong).This is a very...
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    Angular momentum commutator derivation

    I am trying to prove: L_xL_y - LyLx = ihL_z Unfortunately I keep getting L_xL_y - L_yL_x = -ihL_z and I was hoping someone could spot the error in my calculations: L_xL_y - L_yL_x = ( yp_z - zp_y )( zp_x - xp_z ) - ( zp_x - xp_z )( yp_z - zp_y ) = yp_zzp_x - yp_zxp_z - zp_yzp_x +...