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    Dimensional consistency problem, need help

    Beginning student striving to learn. The problem was generated by people from the University of Winnipeg. Source: (this website was actually suggested by a user on the forums who suggested utilizing it as a learning source). Homework Statement Problem is...
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    Can anyone help with the perception of temperature difference?

    For some reason I'm having a difficult time understanding the reason why air 'feels' cold when you tighten your lips and blow air from your body, yet it 'feels' hot as you exhale with a widened mouth. Why is this so? The only reason why I'm having considerable difficulty is because I keep...
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    Question about sound.

    Okay, so I was listening to someone via tinychat explaining how our current understanding of sound was wrong in some sense. He claimed that the source of the propagation of sound waves HAD to be moving faster than the speed of sound (in air). One particular analogy he used in order to...
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    Do the quantum effects we observe in visible light occur in all wave

    Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by expressing my appreciation for the existence of this forum to begin with. I majored in Sociology, yet classical and quantum physics has grasped my attention to a whole new level. Basically, I have a very elementary understanding in the subject, which is...