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    How does RNA know?

    How does RNA "know" which DNA strand is the template strand?
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    Subshells and transition metals

    I have a question that my teacher can't answer. :( I get that with the electronic configurations for atoms, an s shell fills before a d shell but also empties before a d shell. Okay. So the last couple of subshells for iron are 4s2 3d6; Fe2+ would be 4s0 3d6 and Fe3+ would be 4s0 3d5...
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    Ethanol and cell membranes

    I'm told that ethanol crosses a cell membrane very easily and can screw up the inner workings of the cell. But ethanol is very hydrophilic, so shouldn't it have a really tough time crossing a phospholipid membrane? does it hijack a transport protein or something?