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    Rigid body kinematics

    sorry someone can help me with this problem about the revolutions of the plate?? thanks! A small block B rotates with the horizontal plate A in Fig. the distance between the block and the axis of rotation is r = 100 mm, the angular acceleration of the plate is α = 2 rad/s2 =...
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    Speed of block

    in Fig., the winch cable windings T is the constant rate of 1.5m / s. if the block on which is mounted the wheel is fixed, determine the speed of block A.
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    Velocity and aceleration relative

    Hello Everybody... i have some problems to start with this problem someone can help me? thanks in the figure, block A moves to the left with a speed of 1m / s, decreasing at a rate of 0.5 m/s2 and block C is fixed. determine the velocity of B relative to A and the acceleration of B...
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    Dynamic Problem

    SoRry But I Have An a PrOblem To start WIth this.... A boy is at a distance d = 6m from the base of a building attempts to throw a ball through a window size that H = 90cm at a height h = 8m. if the ball's initial speed is v0 = 15m / s, determine the range of initial angles Ø0 allowing...