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    Different forms of the discrete Fourier Transform

    Hi I am trying to program excel to take the DFT of a signal, then bring it back to the time domain after a low pass filter. I have a code that can handle simple data for example t = [ 0, 1, 2, 3] y = [2, 3, -1, 4] So I think everything is great and so I plug in my real signal and things go off...
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    Thermal Hydraulic Calculations using NS

    Hi all I am very much a layman when it comes to Thermal Hydraulics and this may be a naive questions but here it goes... On the job, i use various codes to examine two phase flow in the core loop. Despite being vetted and validated numerous times over the course of many years (TRAC, RELAP...
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    Difficulty creating a response surface

    Hi all I am struggling to create a response surface for some data I collected. I have been asked to create a response surface to get a better understanding of how the two inputs of interests affect the output. I threw together a multiple linear regreession model since it was simple but my...
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    Worth investing time to learn Workbench

    At my company no one really uses it but I know ANSYS is pushing its development. I am young in my career and I am wondering if I should just focus working in standalone or focus performing analysis from the workbench platform. Do I lose anything doing CFX or something from workbench. I know for...
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    Engineering A Career in Engineering Analysis vs Design

    I was hoping to get some perspective from practicing engineers on the difference of a career in design making stuff, or analysis ( performing FEA, CFD etc on designs). I am in a rotational program and have some flexiblity. I ask because it appears these are divergent choices and going down one...
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    ANSYS ADPL Question

    Hi all New engineer cutting my teeth on the ADPL language I am using the HUI as a crutch and i often go to the log file to see what the program is doing and I cut and paste out of that for my macros. I have been using this for a while and my log and error files are huge how do i clear them...
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    Separation of variables on 2nd order ode

    Hi all Quick one, if one had an equation y' = x on could simply separate the variables and integrate. Now it the equation y'' = x you would use separation of variables what drives this? Also y'' =0. Is the same as. y''dx =0 dx Why is this legal? Thanks in advance
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    Career Flexibility a thing of the Past

    I am just throwing this out there to fish for opinions Engineering is often advertised as a broad profession offering many opportunities. With tight labor markets where there is an over supply of job seekers is this no longer a true statement. I ask because workers must be responsive to the...
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    Complexs Roots of an ODE

    Hi All I am rusty with my my math and got stumped with a straight forward question regarding vibrations and complex roots. I have a 2nd order ODE x'' +4 x' + 16 x = some forcing funciton This turns out complex roots. I go through the run around of solving this and I get a...
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    Pursuing a second MS immediatly after first MS

    Hi all From an admission standpoint is pursuing multiple MS in engineering frowned upon. I am currently enrolled in a NE MS program and I want to pursue an ME masters and possibly a PhD at a different institution. I was wondering if having an MS helps or hurts from an admissions standpoint.
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    UK Plutonium problem

    I was curious to know the PF communities opinion on the recent press the UK has been generating in its choice on retrying a MOx plant or dabbling with a Fast Reactor Tech How would you all vote if you were in charge? I am for fast reactors since the industry needs the push but I am...
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    Factoring Fuel generation is nuclear energy still a viable solution

    Hi all I saw the posting below in regards to nuclear not being all that its cracked up to be. This is from a scientist in europe. I am intersted in rebuttals. I am pro nuke and just entering the industry but I do not have the experience to shoot this down. Fishing for comments Post...
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    Roadblocks to burning Solid Thorium Fuel

    Hi all Maybe a juvenile question but throw it out there anyways I know india is heavily vested in thorium due to the abudance in that region. I was wondering why current vendors are not looking to develop a thorium burning reactor to market to these guys or at least a modificaion to...
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    Masters in Mechanical or Nuclear for useful in the industry

    Hi all I am happy to announce that I have made it into the industry. Of course the learning train never stops and I will need to think about a masters. What I have noticed is that there seems to be a greater need for ME and EE in industry than NE. With that being said do you think it...
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    Hydraulic or pneumatic for applying loads ranging between 500-1000lb

    Hi all I am finally at senior design and I am looking to use hydraulics or pneumonics to be the driver of my load application system. I have zero experience with either so need some guidance. The intention is to have a testing device which can apply loads around 500 -1000 pounds. in...
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    Free radical Halogenation for heat

    Hi all I am an Mechanical Engineering major and I had a quick chemistry question. This may be crazy since I only had 2 semesters of College Chem If I had a tank of just bromine gas. Now my understanding is that these diatomic bonds can be broken by simply exposing the gas to sunlight. If...
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    Getting into a Top Engineering Program easier with work experience

    Hi all I was wondering if Top programs are more accomedating to those with some work experience before applying. I want to try for the top ie MIT, UCs, Stanford etc... but I definitly would like to work for a bit before conintuing on to grad studies. Is it less competitive for these...
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    Why stick with solid fuels

    I know there companies modifying shape size and working fluids and that the NRC really stifles innovation in this industry. Why isn't more research being done liquid fuels We are studying PLant design now and I really like the idea of a liquid metal fuel mixture in the hot leg and then one...
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    Complex Representation of Free Vibration

    Hi all I am struggling with going between various representations of vibrations in paticular the complex form. I am using Rao as my text btw so for a free vibration and making it simple no damping the euqation of motion is mx^{..} + kx = 0 with the general solution being x...
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    Working with different coordinate systems

    Does anyone know of a good book for relearning and working with different cooridinate systems like polar cylindricaly spherical the typicall engineering stuff...
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    Rotating tensors (different from vectors?)

    Hi all I am taking my first grad level class on stress and elasticity and ran into a bit of a wall. We are dealing with a 3x3 stress tensor which describes the state of stress of a given point. Now various text book problems have questions where given one state describe the state if the...
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    Engineering Is it possible to be a Mechanical Engineering Generalist

    Hi I am mid way through my engineering degree and I had a bit exposure to engineers through various circumstances. I have come to the conclusion that I would like to be a consulting engineer who specializes in analysis of stuff. Now I say stuff and analysis because I would like to be as...
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    Move over uranium here comes Thorium came accross this. I was interested in hearing counter arguments to the approach...
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    Developing Mathmatical Maturitiy

    The most dreaded words in a mathmatical text. This usually translates into some time banging your head against a wall. Why do people do this to students? Besides blood sweat and tears what can be done to make the stuff more accesible. I am not a math major but I like to study the stuff...
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    Most needed skills in Nuclear Engieering from an Mech Enginneering standpoint

    With the US not building too much at this point it seems like the general theme is to leverage existing assets and patch up what exists for the time being. With that being said for an ME student interested in nuclear energy what area should one focus on, fluid flows, stress analysis, FEA...
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    Engineering Pigeon holed engineer

    This is what I want to avoid becoming. I do not want to be a person that comes in plays with the same widget and goes home. I want to do a variety of things and stuff changes day to day. What type of companies should I target. I heard that vendors and utilties are not the way to go for this... I...
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    Alternatives to Rankine cycles

    I am plowing away through my ME curriculum and my intentions is to go into power engineering in some shape or form. I wanted to know if any research has gone into energy harvesting at a atomic level. I just wondered if any research has gone into alternative to a boiler and a turbine for...
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    One group modified and Two group theory

    What is the big difference between the two reactor calculations. They seem to be virtually the same?
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    Engineering Great Cities for engineering

    Hi I am currently in NYC and upon completion of my degree I wanted to relocate to where engineering jobs are more plentiful. NY seems great for civil but that is primarily it. I am very interested in nuclear and power engineering in general but I would prefer working for some sort of...
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    Plant aging Steam Generator Corrosion

    Hi I am told that steam generator is an area that is suseptible to aging effects and corrosion. I was wondering if anyone can elaborate on this a bit. Is it just due to the heat and humididty? I am studying BWRs and safety and maintanced aspects and I was thinking of focusing on this area...