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    this is incredible. thanks a lot
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    Engineering Dynamics: Normal-Tangential Components

    Homework Statement A race boat is traveling at a constant speed v0 = 130 mph when it performs a turn with constant radius ρ to change its course by 90°. The turn is performed while losing speed uniformly in time so that the boat's speed at the end of the turn is vf = 116 mph. If the magnitude...
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    Project PF Proliferation - Free Gold Membership!

    campus: suny stony brook.
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    Project PF Proliferation - Free Gold Membership!

    woo! Definitely gonna do it.
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    Reactance and Impedence

    yeah my bad why is it that instead of 1/((2pif)^2)C)
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    Reactance and Impedence

    Homework Statement I just want to know why the reactance of a capacitor is 1/LC rather than 1/\sqrt{}LC? Homework Equations 2(pi)f = 1/sqrt(LC)
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    Standing waves - which instruments are closed-closed, open-open, or open-closed?

    Homework Statement Okay. So I'm sort of confused about the concept of determining whether an instrument is closed-closed, open-open, or a flute, guitar, sax, oboe, clarinet. For example, is a clarinet a closed-open instrument because your mouth covers the entire mouth piece and...
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    Coming up with a Newton's 2nd law tension problem

    Hi Wooker, Well you've got the equation right.. have you drawn free body diagrams? Using tension from the rope is as necessary as using the acceleration due to gravity.
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    Inelastic Collision from different but not opposite directions. HELP!

    Okay. So you start off with the equation M1V1 + M2V2 = (M1+M2)V'. Treat momentum as a vector and solve for it in components.
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    Derivative proof by induction

    Okay I see it now. Thanks.
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    Derivative proof by induction

    Okay. I've established that (f1*f2*f3)' = (f'1*f2 + f1*f'2)f3 + f1f2f'3 = f'1f2f3 + f1f'2f3+ f1f2f'3 and etc. for f1*...*fn. When n=k, (f1*' = f' + f1f' +...+ f1...f'k and for n=k+1 [f'*f(k+1)] +...+ [f1...f'k*f(k+1)] + [*f'(k+1)]. However that seemed too easy...
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    Math/Science/philosophical Leisure reading books

    The Code book by Simon Singh sounds interesting and I've read the Big Bang by him as well. Thanks.
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    Derivative proof by induction

    Homework Statement : Let f1,....fn be n functions having derivatives f'1....f'n. Develop a rule for differentiating the product g = f1***fn and prove it by mathematical induction. Show that for those points x, where none of the function values f1(x),....fn(x) are zero, we have g'(x)/g(x) =...
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    Math/Science/philosophical Leisure reading books

    Can anyone recommend any leisure reading books related to math/science? i.e. elegant universe by brian greene or feynman, etc.
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    Free Programming e-books

    WOW! Thank you so much!