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    What is your IQ?

    I'd be interested in seeing what your career is and your IQ. I'd also like your general thoughts on IQ and engineering, and do you think you need an IQ of 120 + to become a successful engineer? Also this IQ test, which I'm sure doesn't have too much validity to it, but it's fun...
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    Programs What are your thoughts about majoring in physics?

    I know little about what actually comprises a physics program, but I wanted to know what people had to say about this major. I would like to know general things like the difficultly relative to an engineering major, what kind of careers you can get into with it (I hear its rather broad) Is it a...
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    Schools How much did you study per week in university?

    I'm thinking about enrolling into an engineering program soon, I was wondering how many hours per week do you think the average student in mechanical engineering spends studying in class and out of class? Thanks.
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    Outsourcing and future employment opportunities.

    Hi, I would like to know your opinion about the effect that outsourcing will have on engineers/scientists of the future. This is concerning me greatly at the present moment, as I would like employment after graduating!
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    Do you enjoy engineering?

    Tell me the things about engineering that keep you excited everyday and things that you dislike about your career. Thanks.
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    What is the average day of an Engineer?

    I am interested in going into engineering. I enjoy literally using the scientific method to solve my problems in my life, I also have a knack for creativity and enjoy doing things efficiently. My problem is that, I still do not have an appropriate level of understanding or conception of...