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    Phyiscs Help

    Never mind I figured out
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    Phyiscs Help

    I made a mistake with the first equations it is P=pot diff²/R => R= pot diff²/R so I ended up recalculating and I got 6.384x10^4 but it is still not right.
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    Phyiscs Help

    A person runs a 9.0 V, 12.0 W radio for 1.33 hours. How many coulombs of charge pass through the wires in the radio during this time? I used Power= pot difference/Resistance = 9v/120w=7.5e-2 I=current Then I used I²=P/R= 120v/7.5e-2 = 1.6e3 I=40A 1.33h*60mins*60secs = 4.788e3...
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    Physics - Electrical Potential help

    A proton is released from rest and accelerates through a potential difference V. The final speed of the proton is proportional to the potential difference in which of the following ways? A. V B. V^1/2 C. V^-1/2 D. V^-1 I think it is V^(1/2) (just√V) but I am no sure exactly how to find...
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    Physics questions

    I'm review for a test in the morning and just making sure I have this right. The professor did not include a key for the review. ere is a link to the image for both problems. In the figure, two curved plastic rods form a circle of radius R in the standard x-y plane. The charges of the...
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    Physics electric field problem

    In the figure shown, electrons 1 and 2 are on the x-axis while charges 3 and 4 are on the y-axis. The charges 3 and 4 are identical with charge -Ne and at identical angle θ(theta). N is an integer. Electron 2 is free to move while the other charges are fixed in place a horizontal distance R...
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    Qualitative physics questions.

    Derive your results algebraically… No graphical results. An excess charge of +Q is distributed into two unequal parts, one having charge +q . Assume that these two new charges are now separated by a non-zero distance. What value of q maximizes the repulsive electric force that one of these new...
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    Physics problem involving tension and electric fields

    This is a problem from Web Assign which is a web site you are assigned homework through. I'm wondering if there is an error and both charges should have been positive.
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    Physics help involving electric field charge

    E = electric field q = the charge F = electric force
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    Physics problem involving tension and electric fields

    Two small spheres, each of mass 4.00 g, are suspended by light strings 10.0 cm in length. A uniform electric field is applied in the x direction. The spheres have charges equal to -2.00 multiplied by 10^-8 C and +2.00 multiplied by 10^-8 C. Determine the electric field that enables the spheres...
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    Physics help involving electric field charge

    A proton orbits just at the surface of a charged sphere of radius 0.83 cm. If the speed of the proton is 4.96 X105 m/s, what is the charge on the sphere? proton mass = 1.67e-27 proton charge = 1.6e-19 Radius = .0083 meters I thought maybe F = (mv²)/r ((1.67e-27)(4.96e5)²)/.0083...