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    Engineering Degree Pursue

    Hi, I’m quite confused as to what course I should take for college. I’m still in my senior year in high school but I’m kind of pressured by my parents because they want me to be a mechanical engineer. However, my heart says that I should be a civil engineer and be a geotechnical engineer...
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    Engineering Engineering Pursue Career Advice

    My dad once told me that being an engineer is like, one of the greatest things. He told me that you’ll understand how life is if you become an engineer. I didn’t really understand why he said that. I just didn’t. When he passed away, (I was 16 then), i remembered his words so when I graduated, I...
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    Early engineering learning

    You should go to your local library. Read books and stuff. You can hardly find any online sources about it. :(
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    Gas sampling probe design.

    This is one of the topics that I can hardly understand >.<
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    Tutorials for coil design in Maxwell 3D

    I think you should look on google. There’s this option where you can filter the results so that it will only show the books that you’re looking for.
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    Yaw motion of a hexacopter

    I agree. You have to know the equation of the yawing motion of the device as well as the transfer function of the hexacopter.
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    Engineering Why did you decide to become an engineer?

    It’s because I watched the 3 idiots movie and I was inspired to become one. I want to be like Ranchordas, or whatever his name is. :3