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    How to picture orbitals?

    I had this same issue as you. I needed a picture, something like the Bohr model. But the config is just too cloudy--pardon the pun--to make a picture. What really helped me get a grip on the whole 1s 2s 2p thing was from a chart that I found at the below listed link...
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    Carbon Nanotubes

    Well I have heard that they have made a whole receiver with this technology. Cool stuff. If I may ask, what work are you doing in this area. Side note, I know UCSD is working in this area.
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    Electron Configuration

    In the case of Cr, if it loses the one elctron to the 4s shell, that make 4s half full, but 3d is not half empty. At any rate, I think I see what you are saying. Thanks
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    Salt Bridges in Voltaic Cells

    Don't run a short across the battery, this is not safe. Cheapo batteries can burst.
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    Electron Configuration

    [SOLVED] Electron Configuration Something in chemistry really has me perplexed. We are doing electron configuration stuff. I think I have a fairly good grip on it after I was able to let go of the Bohr Model. My question is this. Chromium has 24 electrons which should fit into the first...
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    Name of Apparatus to use?

    Thanks for the reply. So do you think a setup like shown below would work?
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    Name of Apparatus to use?

    In a lab experiment we put some MgSO4 7H2O into a crucible, and brought it to a high temperature using a Bunsen burner. After 10 minutes of heating we massed out the crucible and contents to determine the % of H2O. Okay, I had no problem with this, and my question is this. I wish to take this...