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    Fourier series help please

    I have a quantum physics 2nd year undergraduate exam in a few weeks, I'm a complete beginner to fourier series, can anyone help explain how to answer this question please? Thanks, rob. The question is [Broken]
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    The Fourier Series

    Thanks mate, yep i essentially understand, just 1 question though: How did you get from the second line to the third line in the following: \begin{equation*} \begin{split} \int_{-T/2}^{T/2} f(t) \sin{n \omega t}\ dt &= \int_{-T/2}^{T/2} \left[ \sum_{n=1}^\infty b_n \sin{n \omega t}...
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    The Fourier Series

    The Fourier Series!! Hi guys, i'm having a bit a trouble helping my daughter with this question on the fourier series approximation: The fourier series for a real, odd function, f(t) can be written as: f(t) = [SUM to infinity, n=1, of]: b[subscipt n] sin(nwt) where f(t=T)=f(t) and...