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  1. Nikhil N

    Model developed from performance curves are dynamic models?

    I am trying to model a real heat exchanger in simulink. I dont have the geometry data. But I have UA curve with me. If I have developed the model with UA curve, will it be dynamic in nature?
  2. Nikhil N

    MATLAB How can I run Python by getting values from Matlab

    I have a python script for which the input data are coming from Matlab. I have tried to use pymatlab, but it is failing. Can anyone suggest any other method?
  3. Nikhil N

    Dynamic modeling of a system and transients of the system

    Consider, I have a dynamic system model for air compressor. Which means I have modelled the system by including its physics. Does this means I also included the transients of the system? What I think is, when i modelled any system with equations, I think that includes the transients. Is it...
  4. Nikhil N

    Viscocity sensor for grease levele measurment for gears

    Hi, I want to know about viscocity sensor working principle to find the level of grease available in a gear system? Any inputs ?
  5. Nikhil N

    How to make a ladder logic program for Profinet

    I have a SIMATIC S7-1200 CPU and Anybus card. I need to make communication between these. Can anybody tell how to make the ladder logic program for this in tia portal?
  6. Nikhil N

    How to choose automatic voltage levels from a battery

    Hi.. I have a 40 volt (2.5Ah) , Lithium Ion battery. I need to use this battery for 20V application as well as 40V application. How to make an automatic voltage level chooser module for respective application?
  7. Nikhil N

    Capacitive coupling clamp not working as expected

    I just made a capacitive coupling clamp with aluminium. When I fed a burst signal of 500V, I could only see 6V across the plates. I have used 1.5mm thickness aluminium sheet. Why its not working as expected?
  8. Nikhil N

    What could be the ratings of inductor used?

    I have a circuit which can produce bursts of 500V. When I did this circuit, The 2.2 mH is burning. I want to know whether do we need to take care the power rating of inductor? After the test I tried the experiment without inductor too. I have used 2.2ohm, 1W resistor. That too started to burn...
  9. Nikhil N

    Measuring 500V DC burst using CRO

    I have to check whether my circuit producing a burst of 500V in CRO. How can I check whether CRO is capable of handling this high voltage? I have heard about HV probe, how to check the probe that I have is of HV type?
  10. Nikhil N

    Low cost EFT generator design

    I am trying to make a EFT generator in low cost which can generate bursts specify by IEC61000-4-4. The circuit which I am working on is given as below. This is for making a high voltage of atleast 400V. I got this design from a paper. But it is not mentioned the values of R1 and R5. I am not...
  11. Nikhil N

    How to choose an amplifier to couple the noise into data line

    Hii... I have to couple the noise into a communication cable for analyzing the performance of the communication. I am using a function generator which will generate a white noise of 1-2V(rms) and I have a current transformer to couple this to the communication line. The current transformer has...
  12. Nikhil N

    What is the meaning of 30W amplifier?

    When I have gone through spec of amplifier, I saw 30W for output. Is it mean that even if I am connecting a load of less impedance, say 30ohm, will I get 30V output voltage across the load?
  13. Nikhil N

    How to make a hardware setup for monitoring BER of modbus

    I have to devices in communication with modbus protocol. Master is PC and slave is compressor(100ft line,RS485 standard, modbus RTU protocol). I have to build a setup which will show how much the error in communication. I am coupling some white noise to the line and some burst signals too. I...
  14. Nikhil N

    How to wire the contactor just to switch on and off

    I am first time using a contactor. I have a 3-phase contactor with me, Need to switch on and off without any load connected. It has two auxiliary terminals A1 and A2, for just to turn on how it should be connected?
  15. Nikhil N

    What is the meaning of "110V AC / 24 DC relay"?

    I have seen some relays mentioned as 110V AC/ 24V DC relay. Is this means, can I use both 24DC and 110V AC to the coil of relay?
  16. Nikhil N

    How to make 3-phase contactor to chatter?

    I have a ABB A16, 3 phase contactor. I need to generate burst signals from this contactor as similar in relays when it switching on and off frequently. I need the circuit diagram for making the contactor to chatter. The circuit I used to make chattering relay was as below:
  17. Nikhil N

    Meaning of flush error received from mod-bus slave

    I have a PC(as master) and a compressor(as slave) in modbus communication. I am using 1000ft cable and I want to analyze the interference effect on the data communication error. I am coupling burst signals produced by the relay switching and I could observe the level of burst to be ~50V. When I...
  18. Nikhil N

    How to check the condition of coil in the relay?

    I am using the relay as chatter. That is I am continuously on-off the relay to produce bursts. I am using 12V DC relay. I got voltage upto ~120V while it is switching very fast initially. Now I am not getting high voltage while switching. I am getting only ~10V. What may be the reason? Is it...
  19. Nikhil N

    EMI(Electro Magnetic Interference) Magnitude and Frequency

    I want to analyze the efficiency of my data communication between slaves and master in the presence of interference. The protocol what I am using is modbus, with baud rate of 9600 , I am using 1000 ft cable. What I am struggling to do is, how to couple the noise into the cable in a way it is...
  20. Nikhil N

    Design of CT with ferrite core for reverse operation of CT

    I have to couple noise into data cable(cat5) in common mode. I have done this with a CT of 50A/1A, ferrite core. What I have done is, I connected the S1 and S2 of CT to probe of my signal generator and inserted the cable through the whole of CT(ring type). I got maximum of 380mV in the cable...
  21. Nikhil N

    Opamp as amplifier: Not getting the desired gain

    I want to amplify my input AC,50Hz to 30 times. I just started to test the basic inverting amplifier, with R2=4.7K and R1=1K. I varied the Vpp from 1 to 5 and I observed, I am not getting the gain of 4.7. Why this is happening ? One more doubt that I have is I used 12V Vcc, so if the input is...
  22. Nikhil N

    Different voltage measure while probe connected to 50/5A CT

    I have connected the probe to secondary of ring type CT and placed a wire as primary with one multi-meter connected at both ends. When I am checking the probe ends, its 7.1V AC, but it reading 45mV AC when connected to CT. Why this is happening?
  23. Nikhil N

    Industrial applications of IR communication

    I need some industrial applications where IR is used for communication. Also I need to know whether can I use it to transmit my measured data of torque and temperature (measured using RTD and strain gauge) from a Rotating shaft running at 7500 rpm through IR communication ?
  24. Nikhil N

    Noise due to chattering of relay

    I need to know how to couple noise due to chattering of relay? I have seen the below method to couple. But I want more detailed circuit to do this. Please help me. Also I want to know where the tremendous amount of EMI can be seen ? Is it across the coil of relay?
  25. Nikhil N

    Current transformer for coupling noise into a cable

    I want to couple white noise to a communication cable. I am using a 50/5A CT. My idea is to connect the noise in the secondary and to couple that noise into the cable. I want to know will my idea work? Does the CT what I am using will be suitable?
  26. Nikhil N

    How to test CST design studio for analyzing data errors

    Hi.. I want to know how can we specify the data(electrical) passing through cable that we are designing in CST design studio to test the effect of EMI on the data passing?