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  1. Facial

    Earth's Internal Heat Source

    I've been wondering about this question for some time now. There are the following two contributors: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Heat left over from the planet's initial formation. In the early 19th century Lord Kelvin estimated the temperature based on a homogenous sphere of uniform initial temperature...
  2. Facial

    Coefficient of friction in soap?

    What are the static and dynamic friction values for dry and wet soap? I can't find these things anywhere on the net, except for an assumption of the kinetic value of 0.06. If someone has access to an extensive data sheet on frictional values, then that would help greatly. Thanx
  3. Facial

    Use of steel powder in composites

    How effective is using steel powder in a polymer/ceramic composite matrix? I am wondering this from observing this product called Faststeel which is one of those epoxy putty sticks that claims to be steel-reinforced. I actually think that it will make a material stronger than the matrix...
  4. Facial

    Heat-resistant materials

    Zirconia has a very high melting point, about 2700C. This is the primary reason why it is used as a refractory. However, after some preliminary searches, I found another common ceramic material with a melting point higher than that of zirconia - magnesia (MgO), with a melting temperature of...
  5. Facial

    Helium question

    I have a question about helium : If it is the most inert substance, why isn't it used more than krypton or argon for high-temperature incandescent bulbs? I don't see neon in light bulbs too often either.
  6. Facial

    Potassium oxide question

    Just what, exactly, is its melting point? I came across a ICSC website saying it decomposes at 350 degrees Celsius. Now how is that supposed to make sense, when it is itself a by-product of wood fires?
  7. Facial

    Flywheel materials

    It's come upon my interest that besides capacitors, flywheels can also be used to store considerable amounts of energy at impressive levels. The best material is supposedly carbon fiber, since it can spin at high speeds. But what about other materials like steel fibers or fiberglass? Those...
  8. Facial

    My first post!

    Hi. My name is Facial, and I come from the small world of Sciforums (if you go on SF you might know me from there). My name has several well-known connotations, and you may interpret it as any of them, or a combination thereof since I really don't care (btw, I am male). Nice meeting you...