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  1. Lavid2002

    Calculating Exhaust Flow Rates

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to calculate some exhaust flow rates for a while, and I am having some issues here. I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight. I am making a few assumptions for this calculation. I am assuming no fuel or air is lost through blow by gasses into the...
  2. Lavid2002

    Scientific Workplace symbols not appearing properly

    Hello everyone! My teacher for quantum requires us to write up our homeworks using scientific workplace. We access the software through our schools website and login. I have downloaded the program and I can use it on my computer through the internet. When I type in symbols hbar for...
  3. Lavid2002

    Quick question about power lines and E=IxR

    Ok so I have read that power lines carry very high voltage to minimize loss through resistance, but when I take a look at the formula E=IxR E=Voltage I=Current R=Resistance Divide both sides to get E/I=R To minimize R we should make the numerator of the quotient smaller, and the...
  4. Lavid2002

    Coulomb's Law of a sphere

    Homework Statement Of the charge Q initially on a tiny sphere a portion q is transferred to a second nearby sphere. Both spheres can be treated as particles. For what value of q/Q will the electrostatic force between the two spheres be maximized? Homework Equations Coulomb's Law We...
  5. Lavid2002

    Simple calculus integration help

    Homework Statement Integrate with an upper bound of 2 and a lower bound of -3 (4-y^2) - (y-2) dy Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution The books answer is 125/6 I have tried twice and got 29.5/3 and 6 : / This will be my second time taking calculus 2 and I always...