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    Generating a probability density function

    I am trying to create a simple implementation of the Bayes decision rule with minimum error criterion and I am running into a problem. Specifically, if I have a data set consisting of a number of feature vectors stored in rows, how can I generate a probability density function from this data...
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    Coronal Mass Ejection = Buzzing Coaxial Outlet?

    Hello all. Let me start with my main question and then provide a bit more background. I just noticed that an unused coaxial cable outlet in my apartment is periodically producing a faint but very noticeable buzzing sound. It seems to come and go, flickering on and off sometimes and...
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    Machine Learning Project

    I'm looking for advice. I have an assignment to train a neural network. I am confident in my abilities to write the code and train the neural network. The problems are: 1. I lack an idea. I'd like to do something interesting and potentially useful, obviously. 2. I need a rather large data...
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    Finding the Real Points of a Complex Function

    Hi all, I'm trying to solve the following expression for w when w is entirely real (no imaginary component). It is part of a circuits problem where I have to design a band pass filter. Note that I'm using j instead of i to denote the imaginary component...
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    Seeking Advice, Self-teaching advanced physics topics

    Hi all, I'm a bit new here. I was unsure where to post this but this seems most appropriate to me. Getting down to it, I'm interested in a number of topics in advanced physics. Specifically, I'd like to begin to do a bit of self-guided study on special/general relativity and eventually QM and...