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    DSP Project Idea

    So I'm taking an intro DSP class this summer and I need some ideas for a term project. I'm also taking a class on statistics and I'd like something that incorporates the two. The project will be implemented soley on matlab so no hardware ideas. I'm having problems coming up with things...
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    Conditions of Stability for second order system

    Homework Statement Consider the transfer function H(s)=\cfrac{1}{a_{2}s^{2}+a_{1}s+a_{0}} where real-valued coefficients a_{2},a_{1}, a_{0} are arbitrary except that a_{2} is nonzero. Verify that the system is stable iff the coefficients a_{2},a_{1}, a_{0} have the same sign...
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    Schools Would majoring in mathematics help in EE grad school.

    So I've been debating to myself whether or not I should do a double major in mathematics. On one hand it'll cost me a year (making it a total of 5 years) on the other hand it'll give me an extra year to find internships, do research, etc. I enjoy math which is why I want to do it but my...
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    What math is needed in Electrical Engineer

    Specifically I'm looking at linear algebra, which topics in a first course of that class is useful to an electrical engineer. I'm taking the class right now and it feels like all the useful stuff (solving equations, matrix manipulation, etc) I already knew prior to this class. All the other...
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    Backpack for school

    So my backpack from highschool is now finally mostly broken (surprised it lasted this long). So I need a replacement and I figured hey these guys are pretty heavy students, I bet they have some good recs. I need something that can carry about 3 medium sized text books, a binder and some...
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    Current through and inductor

    Homework Statement Find inductor current for t > 0 [Broken] Switch is initially open and closes at t=0+ The professor wants us to solve these only using the Diff Eq approach. On other questions I would just do a KVL with the inductor loop...
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    Wireless AV switch

    I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to make a simple switch that toggles between two different RCA audio inputs. I can do it easily with a physical switch but how can I do it remotely. Either from a remote or from my cell phone (so either IR, Bluetooth, or WiFi). I'd prefer using my...
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    Hardest EE class

    I realize this probably fits better in Academic Guidance but I figure I'll get better results here. I'm trying to set up my schedule and I'm wondering what, in your personal opinion, were the hardest classes you've had to take. To me hardest doesn't just mean conceptual problems but also the...
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    Need a little help deciding on a schedule

    So Im an EE probably doing a math minor. So far my schedule for Fall is looking like this Electronic Circuits I w/ Lab This course covers basic electronic design techniques. Topics include operational amplifiers, diodes and transistors characteristics and applications, and analysis and design...
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    Is this proposed schedule going to be hard.

    I know these kind of topics suck but I'd like some opinions on the schedule I'm planning next fall. I heard EM was hard and I was curious to see if that plus all the rest was alot to handle. Especially as my first real EE semester Circuit analysis II Introduction to Digital Systems...
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    Linear Algebra book for a self-studying EE

    So I was planning on taking LA for fun next semester but it conflicts with my circuit analysis class. I decided to self study and figure that if I spend real money buying a book then I will guilt myself into actually following through with it. I've been reading through various threads about...
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    Summer Classes

    So summer schedules came out today and they completely messed me up. I was planning on taking Circuit Analysis I, Philosophy, Intro Engineering, and Linear Algebra. Now I'm an EE major but my school does not require Linear Algebra, however I felt like I was missing something by not taking it...
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    How are jobs for EE PhDs

    So I've been thinking more and more of going on to grad school for EE after I graduate and I would like to know more about the job market for phd grads. Although its probably way to early to say this but I don't think I'm too interested in academia so I'm talking about industry or...
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    Dynamics or Thermodynamics

    At my school an EE must take either of these courses as a non EE engineering elective (so many Es). I was wondering with of these is more useful and/or easier to take. I plan on taking these courses this coming summer along with many others so I'd like to take it easy. Although I find...
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    Calc 3 topics for ODE

    What calc 3 topics will I need to learn before taking ODE? I'm going to be taking both at the same time and I want to know if there is stuff I need to be familiar with before starting. The class is using Fund of Differential Equations & BVP by Nagle (5th ed) and I have no syllabus yet.
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    Schools How many of you held part-time jobs through college?

    So I'm contemplating quitting my job to focus on my studies and I was wondering how many of you actually held jobs. If so, then how many hours did you take at work? At school? and what major?
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    Calc III and ODE

    Okay so registration is coming up and again its time for some tough decisions that will severely impact the upcoming months. I am currently an EE student taking Calc 2 and Physics I. Next semester I was planning on doing Calc 3 and Physics 2 and in the summer taking ODE and Circuit analysis...
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    Linear Algebra engineering

    I'm currently an electrical engineering major taking Calc 2 and Physics I right now. Linear Algebra is not required at my school but I kinda want to take it. I feel like I'm missing a good chunk of math knowledge related to that area. However its going to be hard to fit it in an already packed...
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    Help tutoring someone

    So my best friend and I are taking Calculus based physics I together right now and are about at the half way point. I'm averaging a B which on the last test only 4 other people had. He is averaging an F, which is average in the class lol. Since he is my best friend, I've offered to help...
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    Hardest topic in intro calc-based Physics I

    I'm just interested into what part of the class people have trouble with. Of course people are different so the answer may vary but I'm talking in general here. Which topic was the hardest to grasp and solve for your class and yourself. Just curious to see where the bumps may be and if I...
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    Calc III or ODE

    So I am an EE major currently taking Physics I and Calc II. Originally my plan was to take Physics II, Calc III, and Statics together with ODE and Circuit Analysis in the summer. A friend of mine made a point that ODE can come after Calc II rather than III. So now I have an option of...
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    How much harder is Calc 2 vs 1

    Where 2 is mostly Intergral and Series and 1 is Derivative. I just want to know what to expect since I'll be taking calc2 with some other hard classes. I easily made an A in calc 1 and my calc 2 professor is supposed to be much better. Anything I should review before hand?
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    Easy way to get answers

    So unlike most professors I've had my current calc professor assigns problems in the book that don't have the solutions in the back. In my opinion homework is for practice and its hard to practice something if you don't even know if you got it right. So currently I'm learning how to find...
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    Easy limit problem

    Homework Statement Find the derivative of 4/sqrtx using the limit process Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I know the method and I even know the answer using other (easier) means but I just cannot simplify it. I've tried almost everything i can think of. I feel like...
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    Master's degree in EE

    I'm currently an undergrad in EE and was just wondering if it was needed to get a Master's degree to find a good job. I want to specialize in electronics and computer hardware. I don't want to be a programmer but rather would work alongside them in design and such. I havent even really...
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    Electrical Career Choices

    I'm currently a freshman at the University of North Florida pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. I've yet to start any coursework directly associated with this field so Im speaking from a place of no experience. I just want to plan ahead a bit. When I was in highschool I didn't think about...
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    Computer or Systems focus?

    I have just finished my first semester of college so I have yet to begin working on my EE degree. However I'd like to think of the future as a source of motivation (my main problem) At my school studying EE has two tracks, computer or systems design. Same degree but slightly different...
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    Drag race problem

    Homework Statement Its a project where I have to create a scenario in which a dragster (Car A) has the highest top speed but loses the race(to Car B) That is all that is given to me, although some random things such as Apocalypses or random explosions are obviously not permitted...