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    General question pertaining to a thin rod and E

    I was under the assumption that the electric field for an arbitrary length of wire was 2\lambda/r. In this problem A thin rod extends along the z-axis from z = -d to z = d. The rod carries a charge uniformly distributed along its length with linear charge density lamda. By integrating over...
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    Electric field due to a Linear charge density

    Homework Statement Two long, thin parallel rods, a distance 2b apart, are joined by a semicircular piece of radius b, as shown. Charge of uniform linear density \lambda is deposited along the whole filament. Show that the field E of this charge distribution vanishes at the point C. DO...
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    Calculate the Density of the planet

    Homework Statement An astronaut lands on a new planet of radius R=3000km, and wants to measure its density. In order to do that, he drops a stone of unknown mass from the top of the space shuttle, which has a height of 92.5m and measures the time it takes it to reach the ground. t= 5s. What...
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    Energy Work Problem, all algebra

    Homework Statement A small block is placed at height h on a frictionless ramp inclined at an angle theta. Upon being released, the block slides down the ramp and then falls to the floor (a distance y below the base of the ramp). A small hole is located a horizontal distance x from the end...
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    Limit of cos x as x approaches 1 formal

    Homework Statement The limit of Cos X as x approaches one using the formal definition. Given epsilon values of .1, .001, .00001 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Spent all period in physics calc trying to solve this using the formal definition. Since there is no...