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    Conditions on overdetermined linear system to be consistent?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations An overtdetermined system - If m > n, then the linear system Ax = b is inconsistent for at least one vector b in ℝ^n. The Attempt at a Solution If m > n (more rows than columns), in which case the column vectors of A cannot span ℝ^m (fewer vectors...
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    Conditions upon overdetermined linear systems

    Hi All I have an exam tomorrow morning, I've almost completed my study guide but there are a few questions I have no idea how to answer. If someone here could give me a few pointers, or tell me how to solve it, or maybe you already know how to solve it; I can study off your solutions. Any...
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    Is V a vector space? and Show that W is not a subspace

    Hi all I hope you guys can help me. I am soo confused with this question: I would really liked a complete answer to this, I have an upcoming exam and I know these two will be on the exam. 1. Let V be the set of all diagonal 2x2 matrices i.e. V = {[a 0; 0 b] | a, b are real numbers} with...