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    Voltage across resistors in RC circuit

    Homework Statement Calculate the voltage, current, and power across the two resistors for every second of run 1 in the RC circuit. The RC Circuit: The settings of the circuit: The Graph. The capacitor is charged until it reaches 5.0 V and then discharged until it reaches 1.0 V. This...
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    Harmonic motion and Electrical Fields

    Homework Statement Two positive charges +Q are affixed rigidly to the x-axis, one at x = +d and the other at x = -d. A third charge +q of mass m, which is constrained to move only along the x-axis, is displaced from the origin by a small distance s << d and then released from rest. (a) Show...
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    Coeff. of Linear Exp. of glass from vol expansion of content

    Homework Statement The coefficient of volume expansion of olive oil is 0.68 × 10-3 K-1. A 1-liter glass beaker is filled to the brim with olive oil at room temperature. The beaker is placed on a range and the temperature of the oil and beaker increases by 25 C°. As a result, 0.0167 liters of...
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    Entropy change of system two substances

    Homework Statement A 3.00-kg block of silicon at 60.0°C is immersed in 6.00 kg of mercury at 20.0°C. What is the entropy increase of this system as it moves to equilibrium? The specific heat of silicon is 0.17 cal/(g·K) and the specific heat of mercury is 0.033 cal/(g·K). Homework Equations Q...
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    Maxwell Distribution of speeds

    Homework Statement A gas consisting of 15,200 molecules, each of mass 2.00 x 10-26 kg, has the following distribution of speeds, which crudely mimics the Maxwell distribution: Number of Molecules - Speed (m/s) 1600 - 220 4100 - 440...
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    Volumes at C and D in a Carnot cycle

    Homework Statement A Carnot cycle, shown in Fig. 20-7, has the following conditions: Va = 7.5 L, Vb = 15 L, TH = 470°C, and TL = 260°C. The gas used in the cycle is 0.50 mil of a diatomic gas, y = 1.4. Calculate (a) the pressures at a and b; (b) the volumes at c and d. (The rest of the...