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    A Quantum Optics statistics

    Hi everyone, I am following along with the MIT OCW quantum optical communication course. I have a question about this chapter, concerning the linear attenuators and amplifiers. Specifically, the chapter mentions that they are not going to get ##\rho_{out}##, but I am interested in this. More...
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    Schools Senior year before grad school: what classes to take?

    Hi, I have one year of undergraduate classes left. I am trying to figure out how best to prepare for my applications to an AMO physics program (hopefully highly competitive). My first question is: how much importance can one class have? Maybe I am stressing too much about trying to make myself...
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    I How to treat quark color pairs mathematically

    I am trying to work through a problem in the textbook "Particle Physics in a Nutshell." However, I am realizing how little I actually understand about working through problems involving quark color pairs. Given in the problem is the meson color singlet 1/\sqrt{3}(r\bar{r}+g\bar{g}+b\bar{b})...