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    About Collision Cascades

    So I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am trying to find a way to calculate the cascade volume in a steel alloy undergoing ~ 1 MeV ion irradiation ( Z ~ 25). For this analysis I will be looking at the electronic stopping regime with PKA energy of ~ 10 keV. Not sure what to do after...
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    Modeling a crack in a material.

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to model/fit a crack on a material surface with a Weierstrass function.
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    Engineering Find opportunities for future engineering PhD graduate

    I was wondering how I could make connections in industry while still a PhD student. I know about job fairs and conferences, but are there other ways to make friends/contacts while still in the early stages of PhDdom so that I have viable options when I graduate?
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    Question about emailing future advisor.

    So I will be starting my Phd program in three weeks as a graduate intern. I was thinking of emailing my advisor with basic questions such as what I should be reading up on, relevant papers, what he would like me to get started on once I get there. However, I am worried that it will be...
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    A single atom in a cold, closed, vacuum system.

    Let us assume there is a single atom in a vacuum chamber which is kept at near absolute zero. Now assume the system is closed and that the chamber is large enough such that the atom cannot diffuse far enough to reach the walls. Neglecting other stochastic effects, what do you think the atom's...
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    What is considered respectable coding abilities in industry.

    I will be an incoming PhD student this fall. I was wondering what programming skills I should pick up while a grad student. I was also wondering if someone could post an example code of what is considered good in industry.
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    Good beginner math book on fractional dynamics

    I was wondering if anyone knows any textbooks that are a good beginners guide for the dynamics (mechanics) using the fractional calculus. I have The Fractional Calculus by Oldham and Spanier but was hoping to find something more rudimentary. Thanks.
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    Programs Average Engineering Phd Stipend?

    I was wondering if people could give me an idea of what I should expect.
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    On fractal distributions.

    Hello, I had a question about data which is represented by a fractal distribution. I know that the linear regression lies in the plot of log(N) vs. log(x) for which the ratio represents the fractal dimension as the limit of x going to infinity. However, how would one get the representative...
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    Please critique my statement of purpose.

    Here is my statement of purpose rough draft. Please be brutally honesty in critiquing it please. I, __________, am applying for the PhD degree in nuclear engineering with a concentration in nuclear materials. After achieving this long-anticipated goal of receiving my doctorate, I will...
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    Patent with technology not on the market yet.

    Hello, I was wondering if someone with patent experience could help me. Is it possible to submit a patent which uses technology which is still in the research phase? If so, how does this differ than one which utilizes technology already out there?
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    Miller indices of Ni based alloys

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on what the miller indices of Inconel 600 and 690 alloys are. I know they are FCC structure, but does that automatically give them the conventional numbers, or is it something else since it is a complex alloy?
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    Time dependent surface temperature of a nuclear fuel rod

    I was wondering if anyone has any actual data on the surface temperature of a fuel rod as a function of time. I am really curious as I am trying out a model I found which uses the fractional calculus. Or if anyone could point in the right direction to find said data that would be great as well.
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    Programs Odds of getting into Nuclear PhD program at MIT

    I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice/past experiences about applying to the MIT phD nuclear engineering program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Engineering Best Corrosion engineering Phd programs

    Like the title of this thread suggests, I am wondering which Phd programs are the best in terms of corrosion engineering.
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    Engineering Wondering which Engineering PhD would be best suited for industrial work.

    Hello forum. I recently graduated with a masters in nuclear engineering and have been trying to apply to jobs with no success. I am starting to wonder if I should go back to school for an engineering/STEM Phd, and if I do, which industries are really hiring? Now I completely understand that...
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    Wondering if this could be a problem

    Hello, I will be looking for work in about a year after I receive my degree in nuclear engineering. Around that time I will also be getting married to a wonderful Iranian lady. My question is, how much are my chances diminished getting a job in a national lab or utilities if I marry her?
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    Job in national lab with MS?

    Hello, when I finish school I will have an MS in nuclear engineering with second majors in both applied math and physics. I was wondering, if I get a job at a national lab, what will my prospects be vs. someone entering with a phd? After some time there will I be able to do the same work that...