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    Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers

    By Spiral plate, do you mean helical type baffles? can you describe a spiral plate heat exchanger, and are you asking about the thermal analysis, or structural (stress) analysis as in TEMA?
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    Calculating volume flow rate per unit width of a plate ( Fluid Mechanics )

    you can try integrating with respect to y giving the area under the curve, right? while setting the limits properly. I'm sure you know shear stress = mu*(dV/dy) also, this is homework
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    Heat through a semi-infinity solid

    Here's a paper on shape factors (page 20):
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    Calculating required pressure to maintain flowrate

    For a simple/rough and incompressible calculation using bernoullis principle: E.g. (v1^2)/2 + g*z1 + P1/p = (v2^2)/2 + g*z2 + P2/p This obviously ignores the losses but gives an idea. Also, assuming your pouring to atmosphere and using...
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    Portable compressor power calculation

    What is the source of that equation? you cant even run a typical light bulb on 16 watts
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    Calculating required pressure to maintain flowrate

    Can treat it like a restriction orifice. It will consider the discharge coefficients depending on thickness, viscosity, temperatures, diameters, reynolds #, etc. to give more accurate #'s The head pressure required might make your container quite high?
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    Need high-temp rubber coating

    could try a belzona coating depending on what your doing They are usually painted on smooth, but I can imagine you cant make it rougher when you apply it. Also expensive but good for temps up to 180°C
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    How is a wankel engine lubricated?

    I believe when I had an RX8 it used 5w20
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    Finite Element Analysis - Author J.N Reddy Book

    In two elements K11^3 = 0 as there is no U4 either. Its just the notations that are generally written for more than two elements
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    Heat Transfer Refrigeration Problem

    The actual heat transfer given out by your refrigeration unit will be different than your input power (10KW) if that's the case?. Even with insulation your gonna get some loss. I think the actual time to cool it down to steady state temperature wont be long given your power and convection.
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    Higgs field popular descriptions

    Who is the target audience really? I have trouble understanding it, because I don't have the graduate mathematics to know the notations. All these shows that on youtube, news or Nova are interesting, but really, what are they trying to accomplish? I think it is only to gain public interest the...
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    Higgs field popular descriptions

    yeah, I think Physicists need to 'dumb it down' for the layman to help explain their mathematics and particle observations.
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    How do aeroplanes fly

    for thick airfoils, its about naca computations....
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    How do aeroplanes fly

    Thin airfoil theory can give you analytical results: [Broken] of course this only applies to thin airfoils
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    Calculate angle of attack

    looks like that paper only covers navigation (interesting paper). angle of attack and slip angle are going to change as the plane fly's.
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    Energy Stress Relationship

    your basically doing a charpy energy test. E.g. energy required to break the bolt. If you know what standard of bolts your using, e.g A193 B7, B8, etc, you can find the toughness requirements for those bolts. Impact energy is basically measured by experimental tests and is dependent on material...
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    Speed Of Light In Non-Vacuum

    what about when light is affected by gravity...
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    Black Hole: Conservation of energy

    Haven't heard an expert yet Will have to look more into this hawking radiation
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    Black Hole: Conservation of energy

    ok, so once there done feeding, how are they releasing their mass energy? would it be similar to a dying star? or supernova? there would have to be some fusion to release the energy in the event horizon and eventually become visible...otherwise there is no evaporation rate while its feeding or...
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    Black Hole: Conservation of energy

    Can there be a limit of the amount of mass it can pull in (consume)? and How do supermassive black holes evaporate?
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    Black Hole: Conservation of energy

    If black holes exist, they cant consume infinite amount of matter, so where does this energy go if it is not dissipated? Is it gamma ray bursts that dissipate this huge amount of energy? Or maybe a better question is, once a black hole is created, how long can it last? or do they last forever?
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    Integral of ln(secx + tanx)?

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    A day with no darkness?

    or poles follow earths rotation
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    A day with no darkness?

    There so close, if the mag/geo pole shifts, one will follow the other.
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    Is the universe infinite?

    space is infinite, energy/matter has a maximum value
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    A day with no darkness?

    Perhaps if the poles shift to somewhere else on the world, this midnight sun would start to happen there....
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    Need help to solve y'=(x^2+y^2)^(3/2)

    just develop a new equation of a circle of r^3, then write a new equation thats solvable
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    Displacements of a body in Equilibrium

    displacement is the amount of movement. Strain is looked at a local spot on the material. The best way to look at it is bending energy is distributed
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    Displacements of a body in Equilibrium

    If you bend a straight wire (clothes hanger thick) by pulling one end down with your hands. your deflection is not the same over the full length
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    Calculate distribution of mass

    you have 6 equations to work with. its not torque but a moment sum of moments in the one direction equal zero. Should be solvable with only these. regardless of how many so called planar points your have